3yrs and I have lost over 320 pounds! You can do it too!



  • 150poundsofme
    150poundsofme Posts: 523 Member
    So very happy and proud of you!!!!!! You certainly are rockin' it! Love the pics and your story.
  • Noreenmarie1234
    Noreenmarie1234 Posts: 7,493 Member
    wow YOU ARE SUCH AN INSPIRATION!!!! YOu look amazing wow just blown away
  • Bavieca
    Bavieca Posts: 32 Member
    oh my gosh I'm shedding tears...
  • tensquaredlives
    tensquaredlives Posts: 47 Member
    Great post! Thanks so much for sharing your story.
  • StevefromMichigan
    StevefromMichigan Posts: 462 Member
    Wow! Aboslutely amazing and inspiring. Did you buy the motorcycle as your reward? :smiley:
  • MissyCHF
    MissyCHF Posts: 337 Member
    I am British and have always felt the word "awesome" was too freely bandied about and therefor cheapened so I have never used it, until now. You are indeed awesome! Thank you for sharing your story with us.
  • faeriequeene_1596
    faeriequeene_1596 Posts: 273 Member
    Wowzas! You've done an amazing job, well done! So inspiring! :smiley:
  • aimjolie
    aimjolie Posts: 60 Member
    Congratulations! I am so happy for you! You are a true inspiration. My God bless you and your family and kept you on the road to continued good health and Happiness.
  • tbduarte1
    tbduarte1 Posts: 83 Member
    Very inspiring
  • robinhager3998
    robinhager3998 Posts: 45 Member
    SO PROUD OF YOU!!!!! My goodness, what a transformation! You have a beautiful family and I'm glad you will be more able to enjoy happy times with them.
  • wanderingptp
    wanderingptp Posts: 6 Member
    edited January 2019
    wow. Great story. And who knew such a GOOD LOOKING GUY was hidden?
  • Mom2ATM
    Mom2ATM Posts: 147 Member
    Fantastic post! Great job with your loss success! And thanks for the vote of confidence to the rest of us struggling!
  • LindaGilpin59
    LindaGilpin59 Posts: 233 Member
    Great Job. thanks for posting
  • times60
    times60 Posts: 204 Member
    Incredible story and very inspiring. Thank you for sharing and a big congratulation for your accomplishment
  • sflohr
    sflohr Posts: 20 Member
    Thank you for sharing your story. All the pictures of you are terrific; I especially enjoy the ones of you on your motorcycle!
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