hard time getting into ketosis



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    Keto isn't the body's natural default...it's the body's backup emergency plan.

    Or so a few friendly mega-corporations out there would like you to think!

    Uhhh...that's just a picture of a bunch of highly processed junk food. You do realize there are all kinds of highly nutritious carbohydrates right? Where's the oats, the veggies, the fruit, the lentils and beans, potatoes, sweet potatoes, etc in your little picture?

    I eat a lot of carbohydrates, most of which are whole foods. I had zero problems losing weight nor maintaining it going on 6 years. Why do keto zealots always equate carbohydrates with a bunch of highly processed junk food? It's like complete nutritional ignorance.

    The Inuit diet is the only culturally traditional diet I can think of that would resemble a keto diet...ketosis isn't our natural state. Even primal people would have eaten a lot of tubers and whatnot.

    Also, maybe you should do a little research on blue zones...

    No need to get angry and call people names, buddy! We're just talking here! It's all good...

    The point of my link was to illustrate that the vast majority of all consumer food production, with billions and billions of dollars in the balance, depend on people believing that plants are healthier than animal products. Look at all the talk of super foods these days. Ever see any mention of liver in that discussion? Yet liver blows kale away in nearly all measurable ways.
    I'm happy for your success! It's great that you have been able to find happiness in your diet and exercise regimens. I think it would be equally great to help support others here find their own happiness no matter what path they choose.
    I've said all I have to say about our natural state. We may just have to agree to disagree on some things, which is ok too!

    What names?
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    Why does someone's request for help have to end up in a stupid argument? I'm not a low-carber but I don't need to justify MY CHOICES to anyone. Just do you thing and let it go; the OP wasn't asking for justification of HER choices. Good grief.

    I think most of us were trying to reassure her that she didn't need to worry about the ketostix. That was the point of the (pro keto) article I cited.

    I think keto/very low carb can be a perfectly fine choice for some, but whether or not it works doesn't depend on ketostix turning a particular color. It works because for some it's an easier way to control calories.
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    So something that takes so much attention and effort to be in is the "natural state" - but the state that is super easy to be in not only on modern available food but ancient foods too is the unnatural?

    It only requires attention because of the vast amount of contrary education, conditioning, media, marketing, and availability that confronts us every day. And “so much attention and effort”? Really? You pee on them. As you are peeing already. Hardly an effort. Not sure how you justify modern available food and ancient foods as an argument for you, but if either are plant based, their age is irrelevant. Humans evolved around, and because of animal fat consumption. This is neither good nor bad, it just is.

    "so much attention and effort to be in is the ..." - that would be referencing the keto state - not the peeing on strips.

    If you have to pick a way of eating and be so careful and it can be difficult as the OP and others mention - then it's not easy.

    Once you've limited yourself, sure and know the only things you can eat.
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    I understand there are people who enjoy keto because they don't feel limited at all, but for many of us, that way of eating would be profoundly limiting. To achieve keto, you're limiting your vegetables, fruits, beans, and whole grains. These are foods that I enjoy and eat regularly.

    It wouldn't feel like a "natural state" to me, it would feel like denying myself the foods that I enjoy and feel best eating.

    That’s great. You’re making a conscious decision to eat and live in a way that makes you happy. 👍
    I wish you nothing but success, health, and wellbeing!
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    hi there '
    its been difficult to see the strips gettin purple
    its over a week and i feel bloaded \

    As I recall some people do feel bloated if low carb was a significant change to the way they ate before starting. If you feel very uncomfortable you may need to transition yourself. Perhaps return to eating 2 meals the way you were before and 1 low carb meal for a few days, then 1 normal and 2 low carb for a few days. If you give it a week you might find it more comfortable.

    Also, know that some people have a very negative reaction to eating the lc lifestyle. I am not sure of the root cause but for some it is so bad they just abandon it. Monitor yourself closely and don't get too stubborn. It is no good to stay in a state of feeling bad when it is not necessary.

    As explained by some of the others a calorie deficit is all you need to lose weight so even during your transition period, if you choose to do one, you can lose weight just fine with no time lost.

    Deal with your bloating first and then, if you feel the need, worry about the keto tests.
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    As someone with juvenile -type 1- diabetes this desire for people to get into ketosis really concerns me. As a child growing up I used to have to test for ketones and if I had them in my urine it was a huge health concern. Why is it so acceptable now to get your body to basically eat its own fat and produce ketones.....

    What you were looking for is ketoacidosis which means your body is unable to burn sugar, vs dietary ketosis which is your body burning only fat because it has no sugar. They are two different conditions. One is a medical emergency one is a side effect of eating extremely low carbs.