Any one else feeling much younger than they are !! Strong in mind and body?

I am 52 , I look 52 but I feel 32 !
The gym is my church AND my asylum
My mission in life is Just to stay fit healthy and toned until I’m a hundred! And annoy my kids , help others to achieve their goals and enjoy life
If you want it you will find a way
If you don’t you will find an excuse!


  • tirowow12385
    tirowow12385 Posts: 698 Member
    Taking up heavy lifting and lifting more than i did when i first started made me light, springy and bouncy with ease like when i was a boy at the playground, yahoo.
  • Rockin_reese
    Rockin_reese Posts: 103 Member
    No, I'm a sedentary 19 year old.
  • Theoldguy1
    Theoldguy1 Posts: 2,296 Member
    No, I'm a sedentary 19 year old.

    Feel sad for you. The ability to move is a gift.
  • yirara
    yirara Posts: 8,821 Member
    No, I'm a sedentary 19 year old.

    I used to be. The fun came later in life <3
  • Maxxitt
    Maxxitt Posts: 1,281 Member
    Totally agree, OP. I'm 68 and "episodically" in the gym ... a few months on, a few months off. When I am in a regular lifting/intervals groove like I am now, I feel invincible. I don't know if I will (or even want to) make it to 100, but however long I am here, I want to maintain my independence & sufficient physical stamina to get through the inevitable set-backs that happen to everyone. I had a test-run last fall when I suffered a major bleed and was hospitalized twice, then had to come back from severe anemia over a few months. If I had been debilitated prior to that, it would have been very bad and probably the beginning of a steady down-hill course.
  • brenn24179
    brenn24179 Posts: 2,144 Member
    yes just got back from beach trip, 65 years old, walking beach, swimming, I go to the gym, very active, love it!
  • nooshi713
    nooshi713 Posts: 4,875 Member
    I am 36 but feel 25. I have also been told I look way younger.
  • SCoil123
    SCoil123 Posts: 2,108 Member
    Approaching 40 and really feel closer to 30. I’m in much better shape than when I was younger and have a new found level of comfort in my own skin that I didn’t have before. Fabulous 40 here I come!
  • mmapags
    mmapags Posts: 8,937 Member
    68 here. Feel like in my 40s. Get my age guessed at early 50 consistently.
  • pierinifitness
    pierinifitness Posts: 2,231 Member
    I'm 64, look 64, feel 64 and happen to be pretty darn fit for a 64-year old dude. It's the other people my age, most of them look and feel older. Can't help them, have my hands full with myself.
  • Foodiemom67
    Foodiemom67 Posts: 22 Member
    52 and feel better and stronger than when i was in my 20s..and i don't look it, i've been told...i wish i started this healthier ways when i was in my 20s...but hey i am here now!
  • AudreyJDuke
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  • AliNouveau
    AliNouveau Posts: 36,287 Member
    I'm 45, told I don't look 45, told lately in a natural athlete and I feel at the top of my game. Ya I have aches and pains but I'm never giving up
  • cheriej2042
    cheriej2042 Posts: 241 Member
    I’m 61 but on most of my adventure travel trips people think I’m 45 probably because I outhike most on the trip. I don’t have any physical issues and I am not on ant medications which I believe is a big contributing factor. I take vitamins and workout every day. It takes me longer to lose weight but I am lucky to have good genes so I will probably always look much younger than my age. I do believe having a positive outlook on life and enjoying life to the fullest is a big factor.
  • yirara
    yirara Posts: 8,821 Member
    I'm packing up for a little trip with my smurf coloured race bike now. Not a long trip as I have a knee injury that disagrees with this, but probably about 50km outside of town. Basically just for geocaching, maybe seeing some nice nature (here? rather not) and for a bit of fresh air.