The best thing I ever ate



  • VeroniqueBoilard
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    The first time I tried sushi!

    Garlic shrimp pizza...

    My grand mother sugar pie with homemade whipped cream.

    Salmon tartar I had at a restaurant called Boris I think in Montreal

    And of course a real POUTINE from la Belle Province!

    I could do this all day.
  • Carlos_421
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    Not sure but the ribeye I grilled a few weeks ago is a strong contender alongside the meal I had at Kim Chee (Korean BBQ) in Oahu.
  • tmpecus78
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    One of the best meals I ever had was while I was traveling in Argentine back in 2008. The best steaks in the world come from the grass-fed cattle in Argentine. We had cheese empanadas to start, Bife da chorizo by the pounds, and many amazing bottles of amazing organic malbec. :#
  • ceiswyn
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    Either the baked Epoisses with poached pear on a thin slice of brioche that I had for dessert at a restaurant in the Peak District a couple of years ago, or the incredibly tender beef fillet with a soy and yuzu sauce that I had as part of the tasting menu at a fancy restaurant as my graduation celebration meal.

    I should do more fine dining :)
  • BattyKnitter
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    My Mom's sugar pie with some maple-walnut ice cream! Definitely having a small slice at our Easter dinner Saturday!

    Poutine from a Casse-Croute too, I am a fiend for poutine!
  • seltzermint555
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    The absolute best banh mi and Vietnamese iced coffee at Lee's Sandwiches in OKC.

    My husband and I are heading out this week on a big hiking trip and driving about 2 hours out of our way (en route to NM) to hit that spot again!
  • wilson10102018
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    Pretty sure it was the grilled Grouper that the chef filleted, dredged in butter and laid on the applewood grill fire straight from the fishing boat in Florida. A squeeze of lime, a frosted mug of beer and some shoestring potatoes rounded out the lunch.
  • cask16
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    My mums chicken pie - base of roast chicken and chopped hard boiled egg in white sauce., topped with mashed potato.
    I could eat it every day
  • cavefallss
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    MikePTY wrote: »
    Nothing on this earth compares to a proper New York bagel.

    i wanna try one! i bet they are super good.

  • cavefallss
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    So hard to choose. I’ve tried so many amazing things. I would have to say the pizza in chicago. Oh god it’s so so tasty.