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  • clyndsclynds Posts: 38Member Member Posts: 38Member Member
    Comments from lazy people on patios about how bad running is for my knees.

    Other runners that spit and snot rocket constantly.

    People that run too close to me Jen we run side by side... close is nice for chatting, but please stop elbowing me!

    I love running, none of these things are actually a big deal, but I wanted to join the fun!

    Oh, and when I think I’m flying and my pace is way slower than I thought! Lol
  • amorfati601070amorfati601070 Posts: 1,135Member Member Posts: 1,135Member Member
    Exercise-Induced Urticaria
  • Vikka_VVikka_V Posts: 8,045Member Member Posts: 8,045Member Member
    I've decided I loathe running in suburbia on the cement sidewalks. Gimme a treadmill or soft forest trail in the shade, please
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