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    I have recently watched documentaries on youtube balming sugar for obesity and camung that if we reduced sugar intake to almost zero the problem will be solved. My question is how to control sugar intake espcially those hidden.

    In general, documentaries are not a great source of info on their own. They are usually biased, only showing one side of the story, and more focused on grabbing your attention than completely educating you.

    Sugar is the current boogeyman of the diet industry. The industry always has to have a boogeyman so they can convince you that you need their help and their products to reach your goals.

    High sugar diets can be problematic for weight loss because high sugar foods are high calorie. Calories determine weight gain/loss.

    I found that it's much easier to change my diet when I focus on what I need more of rather than less. So I focus on hitting my protein, fat, and fiber goals and try to increase my servings of veggies, fruits, whole grains, and beans & lentils. As long as I stick to my calorie goal while doing this, I end up with less room for "junk food" type treats that could overload mt diet with excess sugar and fat. Mind you, I still eat treats, but everything tends to balance out.

    Sugar grams are always listed on the label, they aren't hidden. The best way to avoid "too much" sugar is to build your diet on whole foods and eat treat foods as simply that - treats. If you want to lose weight, start logging your food accurately and consistently, and if you are eating too much sugar, you'll find it is either causing you to eat too many calories or it's crowding out the good stuff you want in your diet. Otherwise, hit those good goals, stay active, and don't sweat the small stuff that the latest diet industry fads usually are :smile:

    This thread is a great place to start:

    No need to bash documentaries and documentarians as an entire category just because nutrition-related docs on Netflix and YouTube are so awful.