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Blood type diet? Yay or nay?

perezlauperezlau Posts: 35Member Member Posts: 35Member Member
Anyone believe blood type affects what foods your more tolerant towards?


  • psychod787psychod787 Posts: 3,227Member, Premium Member Posts: 3,227Member, Premium Member
  • lynn_glenmontlynn_glenmont Posts: 7,709Member Member Posts: 7,709Member Member
    No. Nope. Nay.
  • lemurcat2lemurcat2 Posts: 4,883Member Member Posts: 4,883Member Member
    It doesn't make much sense, as blood types aren't related to anything about historic food patterns or digestion. They are too widespread. A and O are quite common throughout much of the world, for example. (Mine, B, is most common in Asia, but isn't a majority anywhere and is the largest group (30-some %) only in Pakistan. It's a distinct minority but not especially rare in Sweden, Germany, or the UK either, however (10%, 9%, and 8%), which is where my ancestors are mostly from.)

    I think the Blood Type Diet on B is funny, though:

    "Pushed from the hot, lush savannahs of eastern Africa to the cold highlands of the Himalayan Mountains, Blood type B may have initially mutated in response to climactic changes. It first appeared in India or the Ural region of Asia among a mix of Caucasian and Mongolian tribes. This new blood type was soon characteristic of the great tribes of steppe dwellers, who by this time dominated the Eurasian Plains. As the Mongolians swept through Asia, the gene for Type B blood was firmly entrenched. The Mongolians swept northward, pursuing a culture dependent upon herding and domesticating animals - as their diet of meat and cultured dairy products reflected.

    Of all the ABO types, Type B shows the most clearly defined geographic distribution. Stretching as a great belt across the Eurasian plains and down to the Indian subcontinent, Type B is found in increased numbers from Japan, Mongolia, China and India up to the Ural Mountains....

    As a Type B, you carry the genetic potential for great malleability and the ability to thrive in changeable conditions. Unlike blood types A and O, which are at opposite ends of every spectrum, your position is fluid, rather than stationary, with the ability to move in either direction along the continuum. It's easy to see how this flexibility served the interests of early Type B's who needed to balance the twin forces of the animal and vegetable kingdoms. At the same time, it can be extremely challenging to balance two poles and Type B's tend to be highly sensitive to the effects of slipping out of balance.....

    Another very common food that Type Bs should avoid is chicken. Chicken contains a Blood Type B agglutinating lectin in its muscle tissue. Although chicken is a lean meat, the issue is the power of an agglutinating lectin attacking your bloodstream and the potential for it to lead to strokes and immune disorders. Dr. D'Adamo suggests that you wean yourself away from chicken and replace them with highly beneficial foods such as goat, lamb, mutton, rabbit and venison. Other foods that encourage weight loss are green vegetables, eggs, beneficial meats, and low fat dairy. When the toxic foods are avoided and replaced with beneficial foods, Blood Type Bs are very successful in controlling their weight."

    Re dairy, I've seen other write-ups that really stress it for B, which is weird in that B is common in many parts of Asia (like Japan) where lactose intolerance is the norm.

    So no, it's bunk.
  • mph323mph323 Posts: 3,460Member Member Posts: 3,460Member Member
    Hmm, unfortunately you'll have to avoid all the foods prohibited for both blondes and burnetts. Barbecues are fine as long as you avoid meats and grains. Ketchup and mustard in limited quantities should be OK.

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  • yukfooyukfoo Posts: 658Member Member Posts: 658Member Member
    Except in February which has 28... :D
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  • mph323mph323 Posts: 3,460Member Member Posts: 3,460Member Member
    For my AB blood type, the first things on the list of foods to avoid are alchohol and caffeine.
  • Keto_VampireKeto_Vampire Posts: 1,691Member Member Posts: 1,691Member Member
    mph323 wrote: »
    For my AB blood type, the first things on the list of foods to avoid are alchohol and caffeine.

    Garlic should be on that list as well....vampires...AB blood type
    No, do not laugh @ terrible jokes
  • mph323mph323 Posts: 3,460Member Member Posts: 3,460Member Member
    Now you're scaring me...
  • TeaBeaTeaBea Posts: 14,204Member Member Posts: 14,204Member Member
    MPDean wrote: »
    mph323 wrote: »
    Complete nonsense. No more valid than restricting foods based on your hair color.

    I'm brownish in winter, going more blonde in summer and all the way to completely blonde when I was in Australia. What do you recommend I eat and when? I'm guessing the blonder I get the more barbecues I'm allowed?

    I think you're onto something here. You must write a book :D
  • paperpuddingpaperpudding Posts: 5,509Member Member Posts: 5,509Member Member
    mph323 wrote: »
    For my AB blood type, the first things on the list of foods to avoid are alchohol and caffeine.

    Just as well I am not. Blood group AB :o:D

    * does not check what is banned for A positive.

  • L1zardQueenL1zardQueen Posts: 7,294Member Member Posts: 7,294Member Member
    O+. Protein based, I struggle with eating enough protein. I can eat vegetables and fruits with no problem but meat......ugh
  • mph323mph323 Posts: 3,460Member Member Posts: 3,460Member Member
    AnnPT77 wrote: »
    mph323 wrote: »
    For my AB blood type, the first things on the list of foods to avoid are alchohol and caffeine.

    Type AB. Just drank a double latte. Considering a second craft beer at this very moment.

    Palms over ears; loud LALALALA!


    <raises wine glass> Cheers!
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