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The Nerd & Geek Thread

cee134cee134 Posts: 33,792Member Member Posts: 33,792Member Member
A fun and safe place to share your thoughts on all matters related to the nerd and/or geek realms.

I consider the words "nerd" and "geek" interchangeable and both to approximately mean an enthusiast of a particular topic or field.

All Nerd & Geek Hobbies and Topics are welcome (including but not limited to):
  • Gaming (Any kind of gaming from board games to computer games)
  • Clothes/Fashion/Shoes
  • Technology
  • History
  • Gardening
  • Restoring Old Stuff (like cars or furniture)
  • Photography
  • Books
  • Movies
  • TV shows
  • Molecular Gastronomy
  • Knitting and Crochet
  • Comics/Graphic Novels
  • D&D
  • Cosplay/LARP
  • Card Games
  • Cartoons/Anime
  • Robots and Drones
  • Fun with Data
  • Memes (Safe For Work Only)

Please follow these rules to make this a fun thread:
  1. All content must be Safe For Work and follow the MFP Community Guidelines.
  2. Please No Spoilers! Please mark spoilers as a spoiler using the MFP spoiler format (if you don't know how please ask, we will be happy to help) or start a new thread if you want to talk exclusively about a new TV show or Movie.
  3. Civilized Discussions Only Please

Let's have fun!


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