July 2019 Monthly Running Challenge



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    freshly dyed excuse not to run

    Nice color!

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    @shanaber: I saw a headline that just said "Southern California" and "6.4" and had a moment of freaking out before I clicked through and saw the epicenter was in an isolated location. Sounds like property damage and some injuries but nothing too serious?
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    Tramboman wrote: »
    Saw in the paper today we have a new U.S. 10k record. Rhonex Kipruto of Kenya ran the AJC Peachtree Road Race in Atlanta in 27:01.

    Wow. That would be an awesome PR 5k time for me. :) Amazing to think about how fast some people are.

    Yeah, that was my thought, too. It's hard to wrap my brain around the idea of that being a 10K time.
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    @Lazy_Bones_85 Congratulations on an excellent race!!!
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    Great race @Lazy_Bones_85, and impressive time for the Peachtree 10K Road Race!! My twin brother and his grown kids run it every year, and he said this year was horribly hot / humid. He was 1 1/2 minutes slower this year from his last year's PR. It is unfathomable that someone ran a 27:01 10K, especially there, on that day.

    Hope you are safe @shanaber from the earthquake.
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    2) The old calculation of 2 seconds per mile per pound of fat loss, is that accurate or is it complete hogwash?

    First, GREAT RACE! Well done!

    Second... IMO - I am not a doctor nor a coach so do not put any stock in this at all - ANY set time against ANY weight is at best blindly optimistic. There are so many other factors involved that even IF weight has the impact some claim it would be lost in the noise of the other changes. Weather, cardio strength, lung strength, muscle strength, road conditions, and so on all are major factors. I personally do not put any stock in race weight stuff. I keep my weight at what I feel is healthy for me and ignore those numbers.

    I am almost 6 foot tall, with a 31" waist... if I were to shoot for my "ideal race weight" I would have to lose 20+ pounds. :) Yeah, no thanks.

    Again, I am not a doctor nor a coach so do not put any stock in this at all - but I am personally highly skeptical of the claims.
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    It’s hot in Houston but an afternoon rain cooled things off enough for me to run at a local park before dark. I usually run in the neighborhood at dusk and later due to the heat.

    Hey! I’m from Houston too! I know there are a few other people in this thread from Texas. Probably not surprising; it’s a big state! I am north, near The Woodlands. If we end up at the same race one of these days, we will have to meet up!

    I like to run right after work, so I am relegated to the treadmill most of the summer, but it was nice yesterday. Getting bored of the rain, but it has given some nice little windows where you can actually be outside without having a heat stroke!

    Hello neighbor! I live on the West Side. I know it would be far for you but they have a free timed 5k Parkrun at Terry Hershey Park every Saturday morning. We walk over to the coffee shop afterwards to visit. I’m still a new runner and haven’t done any races yet.

    Good to know! It is quite a ways, but I have been curious about Parkrun after seeing several people on this thread talk about their local ones.