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How much debt do you have including mortgage etc..

PhoenixsunflrPhoenixsunflr Posts: 78Member Member Posts: 78Member Member
And what’s your monthly spending on bills food and other essentials?


  • PhoenixsunflrPhoenixsunflr Posts: 78Member Member Posts: 78Member Member
    What is the motivation behind this question?

    Im just curious to see what everyone’s situation is. How they did it. Tips they have etc
  • PhoenixsunflrPhoenixsunflr Posts: 78Member Member Posts: 78Member Member
    Zero debt. No cards, no car payments. Own my house. I'm nowhere near retirement age, probably 20+ years away.

    Dave Ramsey might be annoying, but it works.

    Monthly spending is pretty much whatever I want. I save large amounts toward retirement and have a bunch left over for discretionary spending. Family of six.

    That is amazing!
    Can I ask how much your house was..
    How long did it take for you to pay it off? And what’s your household income?
    And how old are u? U seem like ur doing really well!! Please share
  • mermaidsgravemermaidsgrave Posts: 99Member Member Posts: 99Member Member
    We have 97k left on our house and 5k left on our camper but that’s it. No credit cards or car payments. We live carefully within our means. Probably spend $900 mortgage, $200 electric, $110 camper payment, $400-$600 a month on groceries. There’s 3 of us.
  • deannalfisherdeannalfisher Posts: 5,371Member, Premium Member Posts: 5,371Member, Premium Member
    between mortgage and student loans (the size of a small mortage) - too much debt. i'm working on paying it down, but its slow going
  • GymGoddessGoalsGymGoddessGoals Posts: 852Member Member Posts: 852Member Member
    Student loans and mortgage is all that is left now. 10yrs left on the house and I figure the student loans will be paid off sometime around age 73 or 74. Student loan debt is almost 3 times the amount of the balance on our mortgage. No car payments in 15+ yrs and no credit card debt. Our daughter gets married next June; the wedding is almost completely paid for already. Will we retire at 65? Probably not, but we live well. Our monthly budget? There is plenty leftover after the bills are paid.
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