What says ANYTHING on here is correct?

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I'm trying to use myfitness pal to track my calorie intake, and it seems that any user (real, fake, troll, etc.) can submit food items for the rest of the community to search for and use in their daily logs. I happened to just misspell zucchini as 'zuchinni' and DOZENS if not hundreds of entries pop up. This is a complete and utter failure of this website, and we are all taking it on faith that people who can't spell a word can correctly input nutritional information.

Does Under Armour pay people to monitor this site? Is there any accountability at all?


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    I use the bar code scan. but I can see how that would get annoying free or not,and they do offer a premium version which I have paid for in the past. It would be nice if we could at least remove the incorrect entries somehow.
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    I like the bar code scanner for packaged foods, and adding "USDA" when I search for produce (e.g. "tomato raw USDA").

    Once you've confirmed a few entries yourself, they will start appearing in your "recent" and "frequent" lists, and you won't have to search for them anymore
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    MikePTY wrote: »
    This websites database is very easy to use if you are willing to put in just a moticum of effort. If choosing a new entry, either spend 2 seconds checking the label of your product, or do a 5 second Google search to see the nutrition. That will eliminate 99% of your issues.

    You're right except for if you do a google search, say 'pineapple calories', it often brings up the nutrition on this site/fatsecret etc etc, all of these sites are filled with user inaccuracies so yes, do a google search but be careful where the information has come from
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    I always double check with what the package/label says and correct it manually myself if needed. I still wish there was a way to delete incorrect entries as it can be misleading/annoying.

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    there is a remedy, when ya dont know, pick the highest calorie one. Which look ok-ish. Carb is 4 kcal/ protein 4 kcal and fat is 9 calorie. With enough experience you ca easily tell which ones are bad.