What says ANYTHING on here is correct?



  • nooboots
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    Warning": Petty complaint ahead.....

    Just because somebody doesnt know how to spell zucchini correctly doesnt mean their entries are wrong :o
    any more than spelling it correctly means their entries are right or 'we should have faith in them'

    I agree because everyone knows they are courgettes anyway!
  • whmscll
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    One of my recipes reads “Lemon Farlic Parmesan Shrimp Pasta” and I never bothered to correct it.
  • neugebauer52
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    Happy to say that I am not perfect! That took me many years to realize and half a century to actually say and write.
    Then there were dozens of "perfect" diets, for the "perfect" weight loss - but they don't exist. Finally, finally I found MFP with all those supportive members who guided me along in the right direction. It is up to me to use that little common sense I have got, filling in those little missing links. Some things might be better but that would only encourage my inherent laziness. As it is, I follow MFP's basic guidelines happily and daily I learn to live a much healthier lifestyle. Works for me!