What's Your Most Recent NSV



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    Wow...this is an NSV, but it made me cry a bit first. Here's what happened...last night, I was sorting thru some old purses to get rid of, because even though I really like them, I haven't used them in a long time and most likely will not be using them anymore and in one of them, I found an old i.d. pic of me when I was I'm guessing somewhere between 190-200lbs or so (NOT even my highest weight ever :'( ), and me oh my...my face, head and neck looked so huge and swollen, it looked like I had a "fat-suit" on (ya know how actors use wax or plastic or something to make themselves look fat). It was so shocking to see me that way, it made me cry a bit and actually kinda scared me some too, because I was kinda smiling in the pic, but could see super sadness/hopelessness in my eyes in the pic and remembered how utterly miserable I was in those days and also part of the cry was sheer unadulterated JOY that those days are forever OVER! Seeing that pic (and I don't have a lot of pics of me obese and overweight, because I dreaded taking pic and would avoid them like the plague). I look completely and totally 100% different now, I don't look anything like I did when I was obese--I now look like an entirely different person--I actually look like that's pic of me's daughter or something...WOW! :#

    Now to the good news, in another purse I found $65.00!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Three crisps twenties and a five and I WAS THRILLED. I also found an old gift card in another old purse and it expires in 2020, I called to check to see if anything is on it, and was so PLEASED to discover $18.00 on it! I also found an old pair of SUPER CUTE sun-glasses in another purse, that I haven't seen in years and a nice, full roller-ball perfume stick I used to love and hadn't seen or thought of in years!

    You hit the jackpot in so many different ways!

    smiling-face-with-smiling-eyes-and-three-hearts_1f970.png I LOVE this reply...you ROCK! {{{ Hugs and The Highest of Fives }}}}
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    After 2 decades of weighing in the 250-300+lb range, I am back to my wedding day weight. My grown daughters have rejected my wedding dress that I have saved for 30 years in case they wanted it (it's TOO 80's, Mom!) So before I sent it off to Goodwill, I thought I would see if I could fit back into it. Success!



    (Now if I could only fix what gravity has done to my face :s )

    You are amazing! You look absolutely beautiful - then and now.
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    kapurcel wrote: »
    I just won $600 for reaching 2nd place in a fitness challenge ! Not only did I reach my weight goals, but I’ve remembered who I am again, a healthy, fit woman and a fierce competitor😁

    BOOM and Super YAY YOU!!
    This is thrilling news--ALL AROUND thrilling news!!!! I'm so HAPPY for you. You first class WINNER, ALL time CHAMPION (literally) YOU!
    {{{ <3 Big ole HUGS and THE HIGHEST of fives to/for you <3 }}}
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    My blood sugars are normal, I am officially off Metformin (although I actually stopped taking it 2 months ago), my liver tests came back normal and I am only slightly aghast at sharing this:

    Cute suit!!! Way to go!
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    that suit is amazing!!!!