Comment here if you want more friends!!



  • matttaylor34
    matttaylor34 Posts: 17 Member
    I could always use some more supportive friends and I will make sure to return the favor.
  • jruiz4120
    jruiz4120 Posts: 56 Member
    Everyone feel free to add me
  • RebeccaRose2016
    RebeccaRose2016 Posts: 2 Member
    Hey everyone! I'm using Keto to reach my goals, I need to loose over 100lbs so, I'm just looking for motivational friends that don't talk bad about keto. Hello everyone though! Even if you aren't keto we can still be friends lol
  • bestrongbefit1
    bestrongbefit1 Posts: 68 Member
    Always open to new fit friends :)
  • NoHookUpZone
    NoHookUpZone Posts: 1,531 Member
    Add me if you haven't already
  • Ironclad80
    Ironclad80 Posts: 6 Member
    Hey all, 39/m here, been a yoyo Dieter over the years and looking to lose about 20kg counting calories.
  • keplinger94
    keplinger94 Posts: 220 Member
    Feel free to add me :) active duty military, name is Tyler
  • Justn83
    Justn83 Posts: 5,226 Member
    Looking for all the friends :)
  • PiscesIntuition
    PiscesIntuition Posts: 1,364 Member
    Hey y’all!
    If you like lifting 💪🏾, add me! I do cardio too. Right now, I’m finishing up a round of P90x (nope, not a beach body coach).
  • Xander187
    Xander187 Posts: 1 Member
    I could use some friends. I have 0. 😅
  • sunlightumbrella
    sunlightumbrella Posts: 3 Member
    Yes. New to this. Need lots of motivation and uplifting. <3
  • Letsdreadlift
    Letsdreadlift Posts: 29 Member
    Always looking for friends! :)
  • ratmom98
    ratmom98 Posts: 3 Member
    I could definitely use some more friends as a newbie!
  • Karikaykes0715
    Karikaykes0715 Posts: 6 Member
    Hey there. I'm coming back to this for the umpteenth time and looking for people to help keep each other motivated. I need all the help I can get y'all. Feel free to add me, and I'll add back!
  • tusmena
    tusmena Posts: 3 Member
    Im always here. Add me!
  • Feel free to add me! 6 weeks in, I weigh in daily and could use help with keeping up motivation!
  • DariaFromRomania
    DariaFromRomania Posts: 2 Member
    Hello. I am transgender and I am new here. I looking for friends who likes gym and nutrition. Kisses
  • BW__NOT
    BW__NOT Posts: 807 Member
    I haven't been on for a while so I could use the support. Feel free to add me :)