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    Pre-MFP my mistakes were that 1) I first thought I could out-exercise a bad-for-me WOE and 2) I reacted to that by then going on an extreme diet, eliminating entire food categories. WIth the first mistake I did not lose weight. With the second, I lost a pound per week for 12 weeks but was resentful the entire time and then something just broke, I fell off the wagon, and regained all I had lost plus a little more.

    Since starting to use MFP seriously (beginning last Oct 1) I have lost around 40 pounds. I think I'm pretty good at tracking/trending but some old habits are hard to break. The main one is that I tend to be a polite eater--If a relative or friend insists I have something that I don't even want to eat and is not in my calorie budget, I still may eat it so as to not to disappoint them.
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    I would agree with others, the big thing was not weighing my food. It makes all the difference. Also, for me snacking at night did me in so many now I make sure to have low fat/low carb snack stuff like Greek Yogurt and Fiber One bars instead of chips and junk food. Also no alcohol for stalls my weight loss.
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    obsessing over my weight and calories, I threw out the scale and focus on feeling good
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    Not prelogging. If I attempt to log the night before I tend to stick with what I intended. If I go off of cravings and log later on, I regret it. Same with meal prep. If I don't have something ready to grab and go waiting in the fridge then door dash or Uber eats it is.
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    Lost the weight went into maintainance. I creeped up 10lbs in 2 seperate points ( about 5 lbs a time) months as I had stopped weighing my food and myself. Now back on a small deficit to get rid of these 10 lbs two have vanished already. Also due to my back getting bad I couldn't exercise as much and wasn't as active and my main mistake was not changing it on mfp and I was eating to much
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    I'm not sure they were mistakes rather than still just finding my way, but in the early days I assumed that I had to deprive myself and eat 'healthy' food that I might not like.

    It was only over time that I realised I could offset calories eaten with calories exercised so I found that I didn't have to stick within the ceiling of 1200 calories but could significantly boost it with exercise.

    There were also times when I misread the nutritional values and assumed that the value was for the whole food item rather than just a serving. I've realised since starting my health journey that the recommended portion size on food is kind of teeny tiny and pathetic!!! I mean I would never be satisfied with the ice cream serving size they have on the nutritional label.
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    My biggest mistake was letting a binge day turn into a binge weekend and then a binge week and binge month, and binge year. And there might've been a binge decade in there too. Nowadays, I embrace my binge meals and enjoy them ... and get right back on the scale and calorie logging first thing the next morning. It's made all the difference.

    Binging is going to happen. I've learned that it's all about what happens after the binge.

    I do this it's really helped. No guilt now over it just acceptance and moving on from it
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    Not doing any QA/QC on my logging and wondering why I was spinning my wheels. I'd gotten lazy with logging and when I really took a hard look at my data it'd lost all integrity. I was only logging 4.5 days per week with Friday night thru Sunday usually being blank. Locked down my logging and started dropping weight requisite to expectations.
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    Not staying with calorie goal