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Is it unhealthy to drink one latte a day?



  • f43a97__f43a97__ Posts: 2Member, Premium Member Posts: 2Member, Premium Member
    There have been recent studies stating that dairy in general is not really a necessity in a good diet. Apparently we are the only creatures on earth that drink the milk of another animal after the necessary growing period..any kind of sugar is a no for me (sans fruits)..the debate can take you many places but it is fact that sugar in general is as addictive as recreational drugs..and finally coming from a family of heavy coffee drinkers (it is a staple in my culture)..ive seen some folks drink cofee but only black..the modern american drinks a lot of cafeine and lattes sold at the starbucks and other places are more like a highly sugary milk shake..the cofee is the last thing on their mind.

    To answer your question more depends on what your school of thought is..if you follow IIFYM regardless of what type of food you ingest then you shouldnt have a problem if it fits your macros right? But quality and quantity are very different things..
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  • middlehaitchmiddlehaitch Posts: 8,105Member Member Posts: 8,105Member Member
    Had to look it up.

    For me it is not good or bad, but I can see it could give me a nice little caffeine kick when out shopping, and help fill more of my nutritional needs than a cup of coffee with a splash of sugar and milk.

    I’d get a better helping of fat, calcium, VitD and 6g of protein, for 120 cals as opposed to my 45 for reg coffee.

    It isn’t healthy or unhealthy (food can’t be), but it may help me fill my nutritional goals, taken in context, on a particular day.

    (Especially when I’m out Christmas shopping then go straight to a workout and nearly pass out from lack of fuel B))

    Cheers, h.
  • lynn_glenmontlynn_glenmont Posts: 7,027Member Member Posts: 7,027Member Member
    Personally, I consider a nonfat* unsweetened** latte a great way to get a nice wholesome glass of milk without feeling like I need some cookies or a slice of cake to go with it.

    *Nonfat because it tastes too rich with that much whole milk in it. I drink my coffee (as opposed to lattes) black these days, but back when I wanted a splash of something, I preferred a half ounce (at most) of half and half, which seemed to be about the right amount of fat to use without completely covering up the coffee taste.

    **Unsweetened because I detest sweet coffee. So vile. It does not mesh at all with the beautiful bitterness of coffee. The most sweetener I can stand is stirring my coffee with the molasses-filmed spoon I used to scoop molasses on my oatmeal.
  • SarahAnne3958SarahAnne3958 Posts: 78Member Member Posts: 78Member Member
    RovP6 wrote: »
    I hate the whole "healthy" or "unhealthy" labels put on certain types of food and drinks. Too much of anything can have a detrimental affect. Even if it doesn't at the moment, our bodies change as we age and what we can tolerate now we may develop an intolerance for later. How about this for an entry into the debate:


    Tom Naughton did this a few years ago and recorded his 30 day all McDonald diet in the documentary 'Fat Head'. End result was weight loss and improved health markers.

    OP, while many of us have definite ideas of what's 'healthy' or 'not healthy' I think a latte would be something most would consider pretty harmless in the scheme of things. Coffee has antioxidants in it, and you're not adding a bunch of crazy extras to it, so I'm not sure why you think it's a bad thing? Did someone tell you coffee was unhealthy?
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  • MadisonMolly2017MadisonMolly2017 Posts: 4,235Member Member Posts: 4,235Member Member

    I drank 2 unsweetened, nonfat, decaf lattes (usually homemade) each day as I lost 10’s of pounds of weight, and I still one daily (having swapped out the other for a bowl of nonfat Greek yogurt.)

    My doctor wants me eating dairy (osteoporosis) & I love it with peanut butter Ezekiel toast, fruit, and a small bit of 82% dark chocolate.

    I consider it a healthy choice for me.
  • smantha32smantha32 Posts: 7,004Member Member Posts: 7,004Member Member
    I drink a latte a day. I gave up all my other sugary crap to lose weight. Not my coffee drink. I fit it into my calories.
  • J72FITJ72FIT Posts: 5,292Member Member Posts: 5,292Member Member
    dodea48 wrote: »
    CSARdiver wrote: »
    At the root of this is the assumption that foods have some inherent good or bad quality they impart onto you once ingested.

    Rid yourself of this baseless assumption.

    never heard of nutrition????

    Ever heard of context...?
  • miriamkotkumiriamkotku Posts: 119Member Member Posts: 119Member Member
    I have at least 2 espresso drinks a day..sometimes even 4...I’m doing just fine (:
  • staticsplitstaticsplit Posts: 503Member Member Posts: 503Member Member
    I have an espresso machine at home and have two café au laits a day, which adds up to as much milk as a latte. It's just milk (or oat milk). Perfectly healthy. So are granola bars, which you were also worried about. I eat bars frequently. Good on the go snack.
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