Did anyone else decide the last few pounds just weren’t worth it?



  • elisa123gal
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    I'm 5 10 too..and I'm at the 150ish mark too... Being in the middle of our healthy range is fine with me. I agree..getting down to the low end would take too much work..and I think I'd look way too skinny. so..yeah..not worth it.
  • ponycyndi
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    I'm 5'7", and my lowest weight since hitting puberty was 165.
    In 2013 after having my 3rd child, I was able to get down to 150, and maintained that easily for 3 years. I was between a US size 6 and 8, and thought I'd like to be a size 6 but was never able to lose below 150.

    But now after going to 150 after being above 165 my whole life, I'm trying to get to 142 again, even though I understand now that it may take a long time.
  • sgriska
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    Yup. I'm 5'4" and had initially planned on going to 125, but when I reached 140ish I had a Dexascan and found that my body fat percentage was ~22%, and that seemed a perfectly good place to stop for me. So now my maintenance range is 135-145, and I feel best towards the bottom of that range.
  • youcantflexcardio
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    I used to be 205, extremly fit/sort of aesthetic. Life happened and I ballooned up to just over 300. Cut down to 230 and decided I was fine floating between 230-240 as long as i could compete sub 231...now i found out the comp I want to do, middleweights are sub 220 (100kg) not sub 105kg (231)...so here I am cutting the last 10-15 anyway. Had a nice 6 month break tho and now I'm not nearly as strict because the comp is in December.
  • koalathebear
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    I've decided to stop 4kg short of my original goal. When I first started in January, I was 86.6kg. The heart foundation website BMI calculator(https://www.heartfoundation.org.au/your-heart/know-your-risks/healthy-weight/bmi-calculator) told me that based on my height (5 feet), my healthy weight range was 41.6 - 56kg. As I had zero clue about anything, I just picked 50kg as a starting point for my initial goal weight.

    As I approached goal though, I realised that 50kg was far too low for me and I have decided to stop at 54kg. I don't consider it being a quitter or giving up ... I just decided that 54kg was a healthier weight for me than dropping below that, which I think would have put me on the overly thin side of things given my body weight and shape. It's still within healthy range though albeit in the upper end of healthy.

    It does reinforce to me though that there is nothing wrong with revising your goals. For instance, my current weight has put me into a size 8/10 for tops and 10/12 for trousers -which I'm more than happy with. I never had any aspirations of dropping to a size 6 etc but didn't realise how I'd look/feel until I got into the upper 50kg range.
  • 76Crane76
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    I'm about 3 lbs from my goal weight and body doesn't want to budge...145 or 148 either one...I'm fine where I am...my body is strong and healthy no need to push it.
  • ElizabethKalmbach
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    Yeah, I've gotten down to 130 a number of times over the years and I kind of blanch when I look at pictures of myself at that weight. I look like a stick. I've gotten so much more comfortable with a weight lifter's physique on myself after leaving the ballet that I don't think I'll ever purposefully go down to 130's again. I very much prefer the aesthetic of maintaining the muscle mass to be 20-23% body fat at 145.