Comment here if you want more friends!!



  • Truvanessa
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    Feel free to add me for support and motivation. Happy Sunday! 😊
  • vivek_g1
    vivek_g1 Posts: 4 Member
    Always looking for more motivation and inspiration. Hopefully, in turn, I can provide that to someone else as well! 😁
  • SophieFLifts
    SophieFLifts Posts: 1 Member
    I'm new. Would love to see what other people are filling to stay healthy.
  • Malachaimacadam
    Malachaimacadam Posts: 4 Member
    Hi. Max .42 from the North of England. I eat well and train well 90% of the time but struggle with sweets and consistency.
  • donnadee1984
    donnadee1984 Posts: 46 Member
    Brand new user. Would love active & motivational peers to become allies with!

    Add me. Im newish 2. I have not figured how to add yet. Xxx
  • MomNoms0941
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    I log on just about everyday, just decided to explore the community side. Friends would be great!
  • AyeRon18
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    feel free to add
  • LivOutLoud3
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    Please feel free to add me! Always looking for new friends to help motivate and support one another!
  • gadudega
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    I have social anxiety
  • Fit_Tigress
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    I love friends ☺️
  • jmule24
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    Looking for active folks on here. I share my lifting program and life experiences daily
  • Paul1962mfp
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    edited October 2019
    Starting all over had many not active friends that gave no feedback looking for friends willing to share the journey.. Please note a bit of time difference as I'm an Aussie..
  • CaliValleyGirl
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  • Ro_4R
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    LilyDaySpa wrote: »
    I just cut down my list of non active non engaging friends and will be open to make new friends who are willing to show mutual supports. I’m very active unless I tell you otherwise. Enjoy interacting with everyone about fitness, personal life, or even just having fun being silly I will be supportive. If that’s you please feel free to add me.

    Also, this is another cool friend of mine add him too _PizzaAndBeerIsWhyImHere_

    And i vouch for her :smiley:
  • pMauzeh
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    I have 9 stone to lose, just started Fast 800 diet, would love more friends! x
  • PixelL214
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    Always looking for new friends and extra support. Add me!
  • tigergirlbree
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    Just joined, looking for new friends!
  • Cookietush
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    Always looking for friends!

    Feel free to add me.
  • Bravissimocurves
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    Comment 😜
  • Fit_Tigress
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    I love new friends <3