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    Thanks @christymarten - just sent a request!
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    I can't have fruit. Started eating bananas and my stomach is messed up again. -_-

    I don't know what to eat for breakfast now. I only have a few minutes usually and I don't like to eat most things in the morning. I don't hate eggs but I'm tired of them. :(

    I found a recipe in MFP a long time ago for crock pot steel cut oats. You can make a batch way ahead of time and even pre-portion into containers for easy reheating. Add some berries or milk, almond milk, or cinnamon, etc.

    I also like the new Kellogg's protein cereal. It's quite filling, low on sugar carbs, and with almond milk a serving is 250 calories. Again, I will pre-measure this and put each serving into a container or baggie so that in the morning I don't have to waste time weighing. If you're a touch over or under on almond milk, it's not the end of the world since a whole cup is only 30 calories. I find that in my bowls, just covering the cereal is equal to one cup.

    I hear you on the eggs. They get pretty boring after a while. Have you thought about making them in a different way, a different recipe that you can make ahead, or adding something like cheese, etc?
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    @Terytha you can literally have anything you want for breakfast. There is no human rule that you must have “breakfast” food. When I worked with a personal trainer, I had lamb and broccoli for breakfast. Why limit yourself to one kind of food?

    Because I don't have time or calories or the stomach for most stuff. I have 15 minutes, and I allocate most of my calories for dinner, the time of day that the smell of food doesn't make me feel pukey.

    I can just barely tolerate a little bland food and a coffee in the morning.
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    Ok all, my motivation is starting to waiver. I am having trouble controlling my appetite at night due to the medications. But the last little while, I am feeling like throwing in the towel. How can I get that drive back that I had when I started?
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    How can I get that drive back that I had when I started?

    I don't know---everyone is different. My biggest way of motivation is unhealthy, I'm sure. I'll share anyway because what the heck :# I sit and/or stand in front of the mirror naked. Not in the suck-it-in-sideways-slight-hip-twist-no-breathing way, but actually face to face/side to side. It has been a real eye opener to me as to what I ACTUALLY look like. So when I need to get the motivation going, that's my first step. I also go back to progress pictures from the beginning and see how far I have come.

    I read on a board the other day that on the days you can't stay motivated, keep it within your maintenance calories. Then even if you have all the treats, you aren't losing complete control.

    The other thing that someone once told me was to write down my "why" when I am motivated, because some days will be a grind. I am still working on this list. There are days staying the course is easier than others, but it is never easy. I am just learning to trust the process. Eat less, move more. Eventually the deficit will create a loss.

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