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    I used to do heavy cardio and lifting when trying to lose weight previously. I'd lose a lot the first three weeks (mostly water weight), then I'd struggle to sustain even a .5 pound per week of weight loss, then I'd burn myself out after about 10 weeks (starving 24/7, headaches). After being on that roller coaster for years, I decided to cut out the cardio and heavy lifting.

    Since June 22nd, I've been focusing mainly on my caloric intake (good foods) and walking about 2 miles a day, regular pace. I really don't consider walking "exercise" per se. This has been the most successful and sustainable weight loss I've ever tried. I've been losing an average of one pound per week (some weeks .5 pound, other weeks 2 pounds).

    What I've learned: too much cardio sets you up for failure and caloric intake is the most important factor in losing weight, so yes, you can successfully lose weight without exercise.
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    You can lose weight without exercise but you will lose more muscle mass along with fat mass then if you were to combine weight loss with aerobic and/or resistance training. There are studies that show this. You are also likely to lose more fat mass if you have a lower deficit (ie eat more) and if you have a protein intake of approx 1.5plus grams of protein per kg of body weight
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    Pepperpony wrote: »
    I lost 50 lbs without exercising. I’ve started exercising though because I hit a plateau.

    How long did it take you to lose the 50 lbs without exercise?
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    I’m down almost 5 kilos without exercising, however I’m finding that I want to move more at this point. I want to do some weight work because I like the way it feel and it helps tighten the skin as you go. I also adore dance workouts. I don’t have a schedule for it, maybe once a week for now, but I know it’s motivating me to keep losing weight. That said, absolutely you can lose without exercise, I think everyone has.
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    What diet are u all doing? I’m on a 1250 calorie diet per day. I’m new at this. I weigh 230 and I’m 5’2. Trying to get to 175 or less
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    Any success stories on losing weight without exercise?
    All i've done is cut out all drinks besides water, green tea and coffee, no take out, no fatty foods, no sweets. And i'm already starting to feel better, I'm on day 7.

    Was just wondering if anyone managed too lose weight and get to their goal weight just by eating better and less?

    Current weight: 74KGS.
    Goal weight: 50KGS
    Height: 160cm.

    I lost all my weight purely through diet, no exercise.

    However, I was not happy with the results. I had become the definition of skinny-fat and felt terrible about myself.

    THEN I ended up going to the gym, and over time did a recomp and was ultimately much happier.

    So while it is absolutely possible to lose the weight you want with diet alone, you might want to consider the body shape you have/want as well - exercise may be necessary to achieve your goals.

    Give me tips please x
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    I’ve lost 30lbs since the 4th of July. It was all diet and no exercise. I’m not on any special diet. Half the time, I eat OMAD which is dinner between 5-7. I may eat a small lunch or snack during the day if I feel like it. Some days are HPLC. Some are HPLF. Some are HCHF. The only time that my macros really matter, is the day after my cheat day. It’ll be HPHF. My starting weight was at 360,...or just below it. I’m now at 328. My next short term goal is 320 by the end of this month. My ultimate goal is 300. People say, 300??? The reason is because I am 6’6” tall, to start. I carry a lot of muscle mass. Even when I was at 360-370, I was carrying 250 lbs of muscle mass. I was strength training and doing cardio while being on these high calorie diets. I didn’t lose any weight. Maybe 10lbs on average over the course of a year and a half. I could tell that I was gaining too much muscle. My body was tight all the time. So I quit working out all together for a while. Since then, my body feels more functional. Since I started losing the 30lbs,...I can tell that my body feels much better than it has in a long time. As far as meals go,...I still do takeouts and sweets every now and then. I just make sure that they fit within my caloric plan.

    Can you give me tips to build muscle wirhout looseing weight x

    My suggestion is to figure out what your TDEE is, and then stay in more of a maintenance mode or just a slight deficit. I would increase protein, but I’m not for sure by how much. Then I would start a strength training program. Progressive Overload will be critical. So that means that you will have to track your workouts. For each lift,...pick a weight that’s light, and then chose a weight that’s lighter than that. That’ll be your starting point. Increase the weights by 5-10 lbs if you hit the top of the rep range. By starting light, this will prevent you from suffering from the muscle soreness that we’ve all experienced when we haven’t worked out in a while, or are just beginning. If you feel like you have to do cardio, just limit it to 1-2 hrs per week. When I was heavily strength training,...I usually did an hr a week. It was mainly a 20 min HIIT routine three times a week after my workouts. Since you’re tryin to gain muscle,...I honestly suggest skipping it all together for now at least.

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    Years ago I lost 135 and my weight loss was the same with or without exercise. I since regained but also went back to eating junk and having 3 more babies so I’m starting back
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    1985robbie wrote: »
    How long did it take you to lose the 50 lbs without exercise?

    I don't know about the person this was originally asked of, but it took me approximately seven months, March 20th to October 26th. And that was with almost no weight loss in August (1.2 lbs.).

    Still doing zero intentional exercise. Still losing weight. Happy with my body comp to date. Yeah, I am melty candle in some areas due to loose skin and/or squishy saggy floppy deflating adipose deposits, but I don't look at myself and think "skinny fat". Maybe when I am actually "skinny" - i.e., mid normal BMI range - that will change.

    Then again, if paddle season arrives before that happens I won't be able to say I am no longer exercising as I will be out on the water at least once a week for two or three hours since I didn't go out at all this past one lol. :) However, I am on well on track to hit goal of at least 80 lbs down in a year as has been the plan all along. If so, then it will be -80 lbs. with zero intentional exercise; CICO based "diet" only.

    ETA: Before anyone asks, I eat as the bare minimum the number of calories given to me (elsewhere as it is more generous than here) every day based on age/height/weight and sedentary activity level at a loss rate of 1.5 lbs/week. Which I have gone over, sometimes spectacularly so, days to weeks at a time. Unless I am nauseous due to illness, I do not eat below it. The ratio goal every day is max 45 C/min 30 F/min 25 P.
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    Exercise is so important to health, though. You can be a normal weight and still unhealthy. SOME form of moderate exercise, doesn’t matter what, done consistently, is crucial to your long-term health. Don’t just focus on your appearance.
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    Have a look on the boards Many people lost without exercise. Some because they could not due to health reasons
    lucky2702 wrote: »
    Current weight: 74KGS.
    Goal weight: 50KGS
    Height: 160cm.
    I saw your stats and noted your goals You do realise that 50Kg at your height is a BMI of only 19,5?
    I am 159 cm and maintain at 56 (BMI 22)