Comment here if you want more friends!!



  • RunFastLiveLong
    RunFastLiveLong Posts: 75 Member
    I’m in!
  • 1MinuteWithTina
    1MinuteWithTina Posts: 66 Member
    I've only got 1 friend so would appreciate some support. Thank you.
  • _SoundWave_
    _SoundWave_ Posts: 232 Member
    Happy for new blood on my page , been using this for 1925 days ..
  • airforceman1978
    airforceman1978 Posts: 100 Member
    Coming back and need more friends
  • McKibblesNbits6
    McKibblesNbits6 Posts: 1 Member
    I just joined, so I guess I could use a friend or two :)
  • Rocoup
    Rocoup Posts: 669 Member
    Happy for new blood on my page , been using this for 1925 days ..

    Scary 🤣
  • Brianchi3
    Brianchi3 Posts: 3 Member
    I'm new and looking for some friends to help support and encourage each other. This is my first day here and want to make this work.
  • dougphi
    dougphi Posts: 273 Member
    Accepting applications for friends. Must be motivated, but may slip once in a while by eating an entire plate of nachos.
  • Amanda_Lee920
    Amanda_Lee920 Posts: 1 Member
    New here and to the fitness world...I need supportive friends, all styles. The encouraging, sarcastic, even tough love now and then. Send requests, no ones getting turned away at the door.
  • AMU_Nate
    AMU_Nate Posts: 1 Member
    Hi and welcome, feel free to add me.
  • SageJJ93
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    I accept everyone! 😁🤘🖤
  • CarbsAndCompounds
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    Hey guys. Feel free to add me!!!
  • changeisnoww
    changeisnoww Posts: 15 Member
    I need motivation to... I exercise most days in some forum but have a sweet tooth.. that is my Achilles heal.
  • Please feel free to add me as a friend. It's always great to see others succeed and to motivate each other towards our goals.
  • phlegyas
    phlegyas Posts: 1 Member
    Good evening all. I had no idea this here existed and I've been on MFP for some years now. Anyway, this last time, I've consistently been here close to 100 days and I'm actually doing quite well with my effort. Anyway, feel free to add me!
  • Bravissimocurves
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    Add me
  • Hi I'm Cheryl from the UK. I dont have any friends or hobbies and find myself bordom eating , mostly at night , I have high BP and need to loose 4 stone, I've been on here since January but have been unable to stick to it ,is there anyone on here that would like to add me and become support and we could help each other ? I'm at such a low and feel I fail at everything . Would love to support and help others in return
    . Good luck to you all on your journey 🤗
  • AprilMLowe
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    Hi My Fit Pal World!

    Friends are always good! Add Me!
  • Phoe87
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    Hello everyone, feel free to add me! It has been few months since I learned how to make really good sourdough bread and cinnamon rollls and buns and other wonderfull things and yes, my weight is definitely on the rise. Time to start counting again and remind myself that I actually cant live off bread.
  • RulerOfCali1979
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    Hey peeeps I’m Ken. Feel free to add me. 💪🏾