Last time you eat during the day?



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    I'm having a really hard time not eating anything after 6 p.m. I usually have a snack of maybe 150 calories before I go to bed. It's still within my allotted number of calories for the day but I have a feeling it's part of the reason for such scale fluctuation. I've found I'm much happier with my scale if I don't eat after dinner.
    Do any of you see that happen too or am I over thinking this and it'll all work out?

    You're not a gremlin...nothing happens eating after 6. Hell, I'm usually not even home by 6. I eat dinner around 8:30 most nights.

    I am one..... Don't get on that plane......
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    The last time I eat is usually around 10:30-11pm
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    When I'm not hungry or I fall asleep...

    Well I assume I stop eating when I fall asleep but, well, I'm asleep so I can't really know for sure =)
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    I work 12 hour night shifts so my eating schedule is really weird. On my on shift days I usually have a protein shake around 5pm eat lunch at 11-12, and then have a high protein snack around 5 am (3-4 hours before I go to sleep). My days off are usually less structured but I try to leave 2-4 hours between the last time I eat and when I go to bed.
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    I always have a sweet snack before bed at 9 or so... I eat dinner whenever it's ready which is usually around 6-6:30. Nothing happens if you eat past a certain time.
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    Right before I brush my teeth for the night.