Comment here if you want more friends!!



  • Getting back into things as I let life get in the way. Always looking for new friends and motivation. #LetsDoThis
  • DeafDad
    DeafDad Posts: 1 Member
    Just started MFP would like some friends to help me stay motivated and on track :)
  • corpsebride3406
    corpsebride3406 Posts: 13 Member
    Feel free to add me started out a bit sporadic but seem to be getting into routine I like a bit of banter and like supporting others xx
  • BrettNS
    BrettNS Posts: 41 Member
    Have a great group of friends now but always open to more. prefer those with open Diaries
  • MyFight2beHealthy
    MyFight2beHealthy Posts: 22 Member
    I like friends :)
  • PatrickMaryAlice
    PatrickMaryAlice Posts: 11 Member
    I do!
  • kenthepainter2
    kenthepainter2 Posts: 58 Member
    Feel free to add me I've got 20 lbs to lose and a lot of time on my hands, currently recovering from hip surgery.
  • babygurl48
    babygurl48 Posts: 1,236 Member
    Could always use more friends!! Just got back on here myself in May 2019. I’ve been on and off since May 2012. Supporting each other is an awesome thing!!
  • drhourani
    drhourani Posts: 2 Member
    Heyyyy alll
    So far I lost 19 Kilos over the last 4.5 months
    I learnt 1 important lesson "It is a life style change"
  • AprilMLowe
    AprilMLowe Posts: 447 Member
    Hi Everyone! I am always looking 4 more friends! I have lost 100 plus pounds on here! Lets motivate and cheer each on. Send me friend requests.
  • cos4093
    cos4093 Posts: 23 Member
    Add away!! Could always use some motivation and accountability!! 🙋🏼‍♀️
  • shernandez791
    shernandez791 Posts: 3 Member
    Anyone feel free to add me! Just had a baby gained 67lbs and trying to get it off!
  • PatrickMaryAlice
    PatrickMaryAlice Posts: 11 Member
    Getting back into things as I let life get in the way. Always looking for new friends and motivation. #LetsDoThis

    Hey cuz!!:)
  • ellem38
    ellem38 Posts: 1 Member
    Yes! Would love to meet y’all and be friends. Add me! 💕🥰😘😊
  • bearly63
    bearly63 Posts: 734 Member
    I jumped into MFP and have been focused on learning and losing. But friends would be good as I continue the journey to a long term lifestyle focus on health. Hit me up! Lets do this! B)<3
  • mamakatiekat
    mamakatiekat Posts: 73 Member
    Looking for more friends, I don't always have time to post on here but I make sure that I log every day. I'm 82 lbs down in the past 8 months. Thanks in advance for anyone who decides to be friends :)
  • RainbowRaichu
    RainbowRaichu Posts: 9 Member
    Hey everyone! Looking for friends of all genders and ages to update one another and help each other along our weight loss journeys! Send me messages and friend requests :)
  • Divyanshu91
    Divyanshu91 Posts: 44 Member
    Hi... I'm always up for new frnds who can share their insights on their weigh loss journey....and I'm also wiiling to share my experiences too... feel free to add me.....🙂
  • CarbsAndCompounds
    CarbsAndCompounds Posts: 281 Member
    Hey guys! 👋🏻