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Lets talk Peanut butter?



  • PAPYRUS3PAPYRUS3 Member Posts: 10,643 Member Member Posts: 10,643 Member
    imo, one should only consume organic pb. It is a legume and beans are highly sprayed with pesticides - nuts for that matter too.
  • jwoolman5jwoolman5 Member Posts: 166 Member Member Posts: 166 Member
    AnnPT77 -- Protein needs vary depending on ideal weight, activity level, etc. At my size and activity and muscle, your protein intake would be serious overload for me. But it may well be safe for you. I know a vegan athlete who eats protein at your level, for example. And she needs it.

    In a meat-centered society, many people overeat animal protein and that can definitely cause health problems. I saw this in my brother. Even the US government is now recommending lower protein intake, and my target is actually within their current recommendations. So it is not just vegan/vegetarian sources now who suggest lower targets.

    You may not have a problem with your protein intake precisely because you are a long-time vegetarian as well as being able to utilize it properly due to your activity and muscle mass. If you get a lot of your protein from plant sources, that can be much safer than from animal sources (especially meat). Also the rest of your diet can matter as well.

    In any case - if it ain't broke, don't fix it. So - carry on!
  • OAS5OAS5 Member Posts: 364 Member Member Posts: 364 Member
    I had peanut butter on Ritz crackers yesterday and it was glorious. Peanut butter is amazing stuff.
  • erjones11erjones11 Member Posts: 422 Member Member Posts: 422 Member
    I love the stuff too but when I way the 28 grams that makes up a 200kcal serving I sigh!
  • rose2_0rose2_0 Member Posts: 152 Member Member Posts: 152 Member
    You SHOULD NOT feel bad for enjoying foods you want. If you can’t fit them into your calorie goal, even better.

    I am saying this not because I wouldn’t feel guilty. I would. But my thoughts/feelings/behaviors about food have escalated negatively over the years. So much so that it effects my daily life and relationships and this is one of those things I wish I could do.
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