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Lets talk Peanut butter?



  • HollyPFlaxHollyPFlax Posts: 66Member Member Posts: 66Member Member
    I eat peanut butter all the time, almost every day. After work, I come home briefly to change. Then I head to the barn to ride or the gym to lift weight. Both take about 2 1/2 hours. I needed to find a small snack that would keep me full. Peanut butter has a really nice mix of fat, sugar, and a little bit of protein. The texture even feels like it coats my stomach and I don't need to eat anything else. How do I do it without gaining weight? I weigh out 16.5 grams, which is half a serving, or 95 calories. Those are factored into my total for the day and usually logged ahead of time.
  • Joanna2012BJoanna2012B Posts: 1,374Member Member Posts: 1,374Member Member
    I would never give up Peanut Butter, I just fit it into my calories.
  • jwoolman5jwoolman5 Posts: 31Member Member Posts: 31Member Member
    I consider peanut butter as good food - it contributes protein, fiber, and good fat. I would advise not worrying about higher fat for the day if it is coming from plant foods rather than animal foods. All fats are not alike.

    Peanut butter has always been very safe for me (I have food allergies, so that's important!). I now alternate with seed and nut butters.

    You can get peanut butter with nothing added but salt or without salt entirely. I also get whole peanuts in the shell that have been roasted but are unsalted, likewise for some nut and seed butters. They don't have gobs of salt to worry about, but I like the unsalted taste.

    One recent discovery is peanut or nut or seed butter on those little 0.5 gram sheets of roasted seaweed (I have Gimmee Organic ones, come in packs of ten or more sheets). I got a free pouch of squeezable almond butter and was inspired to try it (gloppy butters work most easily on those thin nori sheets) and it is really good! Messy, but tasty. I will make a little sandwich out of two sheets or roll them up. Still messy, so use a plate. I put a lot on, though, so if you use less - might be less messy.

    Peanut butter etc. also goes well with any crunchy veg in sandwiches or on crackers or without a carrier. Chopped onions and carrots are wonderful with it. Also broccoli (broccoli slaw works great in sandwiches), shredded cabbage or cabbage leaves, any lettuce, and of course pickles. I prefer denser breads or pitas for such concoctions, or any kind of wrap. Coconut wraps also work even with savory. Big leaves of lettuce or cabbage can also be used for wraps.
  • healingnurtrerhealingnurtrer Posts: 90Member Member Posts: 90Member Member
    You aren't doing anything bad when you eat peanut butter. So why feel guilty? Maybe you are being too critical/ perfectionistic with yourself. These feelings aren't helping you, I hope you can let them go. It's ok to eat food you enjoy.

    (You are probably doing this but: I would recommend weighing it on a food scale to make sure you are logging it correctly.)

    Congrats on your weight loss!
  • pinuplovepinuplove Posts: 12,765Member Member Posts: 12,765Member Member
    Thanks guys, I feel guilty or maybe slightly nervous is it puts me up close to my fat count for the day. That's the only reason. Thanks for all the responses.
    What's your macro split? There's nothing wrong with eating a little more fat as long as it isn't crowding out protein and other nutrients. I eat on the high side because fat is satiating for me. Sort of the opposite of a volume-eater.
  • aries68mcaries68mc Posts: 72Member Member Posts: 72Member Member
    I eat a tbls occasionally. Either just straight, or will put it on celery or whole grain bread or crackers. I also make my own peanut butter, from just...peanuts! So much better than store bought, and I know what is in it.
  • VegjoyPVegjoyP Posts: 180Member Member Posts: 180Member Member
    I am really happy to see this post. I avoid peanut butter because it's a " trigger food" however after joining MFP, I have realized the power behind a food scale and calories even though I have been doing this since I was 12!
    I agree we should not exclude things we enjoy if it fits into our regimine. Peanut butter is love! This may motivate me to go to Whole Foods and get the fresh natural in grinder.
    One thing I have found really helps keep track and makes it convenient is when I buy a jar of but butter, coconut manna, nuts and other calorie dense products I measure out portion sizes and put them in sample cups. It's like the packets of but butter at stores only less expensive.
  • erickirberickirb Posts: 12,325Member Member Posts: 12,325Member Member
    my guilty pleasure is peanut butter mixed with maple syrup. If you haven't tried this, it is incredible. Don't feel guilty. It's a good source of protein :) I too have lost 73 plus lbs so far.

    not really a good source of protein. it is a good source of fat, that also has some protein. Still, don't feel guilty about it. if it fits your calorie goal, then no worries.
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  • AnnPT77AnnPT77 Posts: 12,127Member Member Posts: 12,127Member Member
    I eat it every day, but it's a particularly difficult food to eyeball or spoon-measure accurately because it's so calorie dense. What I do it put the jar on my scale, make sure it's zeroed, then scoop out my peanut butter. The negative number on the scale is the amount I took out: Accurate, and no extra dishes to wash. (You know I'm gonna lick the spoon. ;) ).

    It's fine to go over your fat macro, as long as you aren't letting it drive out needed protein or veggie/fruit servings on a regular basis. Some people find fats more satiating, so it can be helpful to them to spend any extra calories on fats rather than carbs or over-goal protein grams.

    Enjoyment FTW! :)
  • xSanouraxSanoura Posts: 26Member, Premium Member Posts: 26Member, Premium Member
    Personally I love peanut/almond butters! I go for a simple one (not full of additional oils/sugars).
    I keep a jar in my locker and if I’m hangry or need a pick me up, I’ll eat a spoonful.
  • littlegreenparrot1littlegreenparrot1 Posts: 181Member Member Posts: 181Member Member
    Love it, we have just started making our own.
    Currently on paprika flavour, lovely and very easy.
  • Cavallaro65Cavallaro65 Posts: 168Member Member Posts: 168Member Member
    I actually love PB Fit for different things like in protein shakes but I haven't made actual peanut butter right. I always screw it up. Anyone actually use PB2 or PB Fit to make peanut butter?
  • acpgeeacpgee Posts: 4,009Member Member Posts: 4,009Member Member
    I would only use PB2 for cooking, as eaten plain it is not the same texture as real peanut butter. But PB2 as a substitute in a recipe such as Indonesian gado gado works great.
  • saintor1saintor1 Posts: 258Member Member Posts: 258Member Member
    Beware of the spoon portion. I was surprised how a little one with 15g / 90 calories was.
  • kbushe3221kbushe3221 Posts: 65Member Member Posts: 65Member Member
    Throughout my fat loss of 73 pounds or so my biggest guilty pleasure has been peanut butter. Typically 2 spoon fulls plain, not on bread or with jelly, just peanut butter spoon fulls. Then I kinda feel guilty and lay off for a few days or weeks. So its high in calories and fat but low in saturated fat. What is your overall take on peanut butter and losing weight? Should I feel bad after eating peanut butter a few days in a row?

    Not if it fits in your calorie allowance! PB is delicious!
  • geltner1geltner1 Posts: 77Member Member Posts: 77Member Member
    Seems like the consensus is to eat the peanut butter and enjoy it. It's a highly nutritious food and it can be bought 100% pure with only one ingredient; peanuts! May I add my congratulations on your valuable weight loss, Cavallaro!
  • Cavallaro65Cavallaro65 Posts: 168Member Member Posts: 168Member Member
    Thanks guys, has some peanut butter today when I got home from work. I honestly put Peanut butter as my second favorite food, Pizza and the PB. We are going to Costco Monday and I'm gonna get Kirkland Organic peanut butter. I saw that is a super clean PB.
  • AnnPT77AnnPT77 Posts: 12,127Member Member Posts: 12,127Member Member
    Thanks guys, has some peanut butter today when I got home from work. I honestly put Peanut butter as my second favorite food, Pizza and the PB. We are going to Costco Monday and I'm gonna get Kirkland Organic peanut butter. I saw that is a super clean PB.

    Well . . . IIRC, it's not just peanuts, or peanuts and salt. I believe it has palm oil.

    I'm not saying that's necessarily a Bad Thing, but I have no idea what "clean peanut butter" would be, and I know some people object to palm oil.
  • Kupla71Kupla71 Posts: 150Member Member Posts: 150Member Member
    This thread reminded me that I have a jar of peanut butter in the fridge and a large chocolate bar in the cupboard. Now peanut butter and chocolate is hard to turn down but I will resist! 😬
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