Thanksgiving calorie goal?



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    I cannot even fathom what 7,000 calories in food looks like! If that fits your goals, that's great. But my deficit/maintenance are both under 2000 so I hope to stick to ~2k tomorrow by fasting until dinner at 4pm.


    Well, I am going to a Friendsgiving tonight and will be eating/drinking until probably midnight. So tomorrow will be more like a 16:8 Intermittent Fasting day, which is doable.
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    Usually, on big eating/drinking days, I run out of steam somewhere in the 5000-6000 calorie range, which is 2 x TDEE or a little more. I don't bother to log holidays anymore (too much effort for the accuracy level), since after 5+ years of (mostly) logging, I have a pretty good idea what my TDEE is, and the experience/confidence to realize that this is NBD as long as the overwhelming proportion of my days are near maintenance.
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    I just ate pumpkin pie for breakfast so I'm off to a good start. I just did a quick add of 2500 calories.
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    That’s a good question...I’m not sure. Maybe about 3,000? I guess I’ll find out soon
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    Let the games begin! ☠️
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    Ending at 200 calories above my goal. Not bad considering most of it was vegetables, cheese and turkey. Now about that leftover pie in the fridge...
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    With exercise calories, I ended 150 over goal. Better than I expected. Some estimates were needed because I knew my husband (who is very supportive) would've raised eyebrows if I'd brought the food scale to the Thanksgiving table. 🦃
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    Happy Thanksgiving all! I did 1300ish calories today.
    Veggies, turkey, berries and some vino.. 😋
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    Nontraditional family, made a produce-filled Spiced mole-ish soup-type instapot situation.
    Perfect for a chilly day spent walking hills :)
    I don’t like ‘chasing’ big meals anymore. I used to work out till I was blue to ‘burn off’ meals that sorta left me feeling awful anyway.
    Now I’m the resident weirdo food wise in every way but I no longer feel like I need to pre-dig a hole or spend a few days unburying myself and stay pretty even.
    Was just more work, for me, to either get ahead of or chase food occasions.
    But I’d probably behave differently if I had a traditional family situation that involved sharing in big collaborative meals. Then I might take the hit to get to ‘try’ stuff.
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    In the past I’ve easily logged 2k+ just for the one meal alone, so this isn’t too bad on my whole day. I ate loads of veggies, egg whites & chicken sausage for breakfast so I wouldn’t be starving , and we had the big meal at 3. I only had one little dessert, and then a small plate of mostly protein leftovers this evening before closing out the diary. 👍🏼 I didn’t get “Thanksgiving full” which is good because I hate that feeling. 🥴
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    Skipped breakfast because of time constraints (had to get on the road). Well, I did make 3 cups of black coffee to take on the drive.

    Lunch was assorted appetizers and about 8 oz. of beer, for about 650 calories.

    Dinner was traditional turkey and sides. I had fairly small servings of just about everything, and no seconds, plus a little wine and a small slice of pumpkin pie, for around 1450 calories.

    Had a 100-calorie bag of microwave popcorn in the evening, because I was hungry.

    Finished the day just a smidge below maintenance, which is I think the lowest-calorie Thanksgiving I've had in the six years since I started logging on MFP. But I tasted everything I wanted and enjoyed everything I ate.
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    ellie117 wrote: »
    I cannot even fathom what 7,000 calories in food looks like! If that fits your goals, that's great. But my deficit/maintenance are both under 2000 so I hope to stick to ~2k tomorrow by fasting until dinner at 4pm.

    Surprisingly little volume-wise if it is calorically dense.

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    I will eat a small breakfast- then just TAKE the hit for thanksgiving- and moveon-- Friday back on plan- NO MATTER WHAt--even if there are left overs- no back on plan

    I'm glad I have a brother to absorb my leftovers.

    Ya, I love to cook and am so glad I have my brother (and neighbors) to absorb the excess.