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I have had two c sections and have struggled with my belly ever since and feeling so insecure about it. I’m trying my best to fix it without surgery but I feel like that’s impossible. But I have always been curious as I’m so insecure about it and always covering it up how much men actually care about a woman’s stomach and it’s appearance.


  • Lilloops1985
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    Well as a single mom dating I’m wondering. With the children’s father I think he definitely understood.
  • Lilloops1985
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    Motorsheen wrote: »
    scars are like tattoos.... only with much better stories.
    As a woman with scars and tattoos I’ll gladly take more tattoos!! 😍
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    ghudson92 wrote: »
    A man who criticises your physical appearance, especially something that has resulted from a procedure, isn't worth your time.

    This. I hope you can find a way to be happy within yourself and not give a monkeys what anyone else thinks.
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    Work out for you and when you date youll know soon enough if the dude likes all of YOU or not. Could be your litmus test for a future relationship.
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    Sound advice y’all. Just Mel. I need some of that confidence you got over there girl!