• jabberbarilko5
    jabberbarilko5 Posts: 2 Member
    Original Start Weight:202.8 lbs
    December Start Weight: 202.8 lbs
    December Goal Weight: 192.0 lbs; reset to 185 lbs.
    Ultimate Goal Weight: 165.0 lbs

    Dec 1: 202.8 lbs
    Dec 8: 192.6 lbs
    Dec 15:
    Dec 22:
    Dec 29:
    Dec 31:

    Guess my goal for December was not very ambitious. Resetting to 185 lbs.
  • jo_nz
    jo_nz Posts: 595 Member
    After the ups and downs of the previous couple of weekends, I have decided to add in my Friday morning weight before the madness begins again...will see what Monday morning brings after another busy weekend of renovations (hoping we will get it mostly done this week and start to relax)

    Original Start Weight: 74kg
    December Start Weight: 67kg
    December Goal Weight: 64kg
    Ultimate Goal Weight: 55kg

    Dec 1: 67.0kg
    Dec 9: 67.0kg - argh, I had dropped down (66.2kg on Friday morning), but bumped right back up again. It's been another weekend of hard work, and feeling sore all over again, plus convenience food all weekend and salty takeaways for dinner last night, so fingers crossed it goes away again soon. Gotta get this house ready for tenant to move in on 23rd, so it's a big push at the weekends (it's 2hr drive away, so weekends only). Weight loss kinda on the back burner, but hanging in here just to keep it from completely slipping off the radar.
    Dec 10: 66.4kg
    Dec 13: 65.8kg
    Dec 16:
    Dec 23:
    Dec 30:
    Dec 31:

  • klanders30
    klanders30 Posts: 2,569 Member

    December 1: 135
    Goal weight: 132

    December 8: 134.6

    slow going, cookies, cookies, cookies, everywhere I turn.........
  • alexv8719
    alexv8719 Posts: 21 Member
    Female - 28 - Had baby in August - 5’ 5.5”

    Original Start Weight: 212
    December Start Weight: 212
    December Goal Weight: 199
    Ultimate Goal Weight: 140

    Dec 1: 212
    Dec 6: 210
    Dec 13: 206 😀
    Dec 20:
    Dec 27:
    Dec 31:
  • keitel68
    keitel68 Posts: 9 Member
    Original Start Weight: 274
    December Start Weight: 263
    December Goal Weight: 253
    Ultimate Goal Weight: 180

    Dec 1: 263
    Dec 7: 256.8
    Dec 13: 253.6
    Dec 22:
    Dec 29:
    Dec 31:

    One day at a time. I am revising my December goal with to 249.