206lbs. Wtf.



  • amy19355
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    for me, success has been all about using the food scale and logging what I eat.

    when I skip logging, or use my eyes to portion my meals, it doesn't take more than a week for the weight to start creeping back on.
  • kdubsc
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    Me too! Gained back 20 pounds due to poor eating and not exercising. Starting my logging and eating healthy today. We CAN do it!
  • riffraff2112
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    I've lost 40-50 lb three times in my life (separated by about 10 year). You know how to lose weight...so get back to it! Then learn how to keep it off :)
  • awenasangster
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    I went from 196 to 150 and now back at 170 after losing a few kg. Mad at myself as well but at least we know we can do it! It may be more frustrating, but it's less preparation the second time around. Just got to commit!
  • andysport1
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    I swore I wouldnt get up into the 200s
    I went from 235lbs-157lbs and I let myself get here again.

    Looking for motivation and accountability.

    Wow, 157 that is some achievement, I'd say if you can do it once you can do it again.
    I hope to follow in your footsteps, I'm currently 228 and 157 would be good.
  • GeminiLady159
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    Bright side: you’re taking control before getting all the way up to your earlier start!! You’ll get get below 200 before you know it and be on your way back down. Good job getting in check now rather than later!!
  • Aaron949
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    You've got this! FR sent, please send the motivation and accountability back this way as well!
  • EmilyEnough
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    Feel free to add 💗
  • TrueGrit732
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    I weighed in at 207...heaviest of my life. Take it one day at a time.
  • SaraiF
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    I did the same. Went from 198 to 170 and stress, lack of gym time, and losing motivation got to me. Add me and we can motivate each other!
  • Cherylrr
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    Same... went from 230 down to 160 now back to 218.... so depressing
  • dramaqueen45
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    I am here and I hear you!! I worked hard, logged and tracked everything for a year and a half, went from 180 to 12 125 from summer 2014 to March 2016. Then slowly over the course of a couple of years gained about 12 pounds but was still in a healthy range so wasn't too worried about it. Fall of 2018 hits and all hell breaks loose at my job and stress eating takes over and boom- up to 150s. Stress continues throughout year and into next (slightly better now), but by then I'm back into the old habits of ordering fried chicken sandwiches and french fries, grabbing a candy bar in the checkout line, etc. I go on and off for a few weeks at a time all throughout last year and started (again) in November when I was around 162. So beginning of December there are treats and candy, food galore everywhere at work and at home and of course at all of the family gatherings, so I thought- well I'll just exercise and hope to just maintain (I had lost four pounds between Nov 11 and December 2). But NO! Boom! Gained SIX pounds in the course of FOUR weeks of crappy eating!! So here I am AGAIN- not quite where I was in summer of 2014, but need to lose about 30ish pounds (125 was a bit too thin for my age). I find that losing is SO much easier than maintaining. I can't find that sweet spot I used to have when I just ate whatever and my weight didn't change - of course I was younger then. I guess once I get down to my goal I will just have to continue to log and track everything to maintain with a splurge every once in a while. You'd think of a year and a half of eating right and tracking would be enough to retrain my brain. But obviously it was not.
  • Tamois
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    Inspired! I woke up this morning ready to start again. 17st 4lb and want to lose 6st so around 90lb I think. I need to get into exercise too. Would love some new friends to motivate each other
  • xGreatWhiteNorthx
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  • Ecoshaped
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    I can also relate! I went from 216 to 116 about 10 years ago, settled for 128 (looked much better on me than 116!). Went kind of up and down for the next few years, had great success with losing and keeping off. But I kinda let myself go in the last couple of years due to stress and work and I'm at 203 now. Time to get back in the game! I'm shooting for 140 this time. I know we can all do it! Good luck to all!
  • jlhalley7835
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    Definitely understand! I went from 190 to 320 after I finished playing high school ball. Got down to 220 and then shot back to 320 after getting married and having kids. Back to 260 again on my way to 200. We know how to lose it we just have to develop a healthy relationship with food and stay motivated to continue a healthy lifestyle. Good luck on accomplishing both of those this year!
  • s_rivera_92
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    Went from 170lb to 118lb. Had knee surgery in 2011-12. Years go by. Hit 201lb early 2018. Went down to 191lb in September, maintained that until december. As of now I'm 185lb and aiming for 135-145lb (ultimately 124lb). You can add me if you would like an accountabuddy.
  • Thinupgirl86
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    I swore I wouldnt get up into the 200s
    I went from 235lbs-157lbs and I let myself get here again.

    Looking for motivation and accountability.

    I went from 165 to 212 from April to now. UGW is 145, but it feels like it will take forever. I could definitely use accountability friends.