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  • Kristie_Mac_66
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    Heya this is my day 2 and i am trying to understand about the exercise and adding calories. Can someone explain this to me? I did slimming world and lost 5stone but i am unable to do it now so hoping calorie counting is gonna be better.
  • dwaters1962
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    Been using the app for a little while now but new to forum community. I'm looking for friends here so I don't feel so alone on this journey. I recently had open heart surgery, Sept, 4 2019, and needed a way to track so I can knock some lbs back off. Was overweight before surgery [180ish], came out of the hospital at around 162 and now am back up to 180. I've been roller coasting for several weeks now [lose 2-3 then gain it back] and ready to head down vs back-n-forth. Any advice/help would be appreciated. I know that it is ultimately up to me to do the right thing, eat right, exercise etc... but it would be nice to have some folks to motivate me along cause the fam sure ain't helpin'.

  • dwaters1962
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  • melissabalough
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    Happy Saturday! I'm on day 5 and doing well - just need to up my movement. I was a long time WW user, and tracking dipped me into some disordered eating patterns and thoughts. So I am nervous to get back into it. I've been using another program to diet deprogram, but I've gained 40 pounds and my back is killing me. I need to lose some fat off my frame. I am trying to up my water intake, vegetable intake, and daily movement to start. And eventually to balance my meals so that they are satisfying and I'm not starving for the next one - which is when I break down and make choices that aren't aligned with my fat loss goals. Any advice or thoughts from longer-term users would be greatly appreciated.
  • Bg52de
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    Hello - Day one and I've gone over by 19 calories but all things considered I think that's pretty good :smile:
    hi whats your daily intake of calories my first day i went over to im not stressing im taking it in as a learning curve ive always just ate what i want to good luck :)
  • taniwha836
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    Hi hi... newbie here or noon as you call it... looking for inspiration and motivation from the vets on here... am in Edinburgh Scotland... ps HAPPY NEW YEAR!!
  • RCPV
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    lemurcat2 wrote: »
    Heya this is my day 2 and i am trying to understand about the exercise and adding calories. Can someone explain this to me? I did slimming world and lost 5stone but i am unable to do it now so hoping calorie counting is gonna be better.

    Your calorie goal assumes you will not exercise (even if you told MFP you plan to), so when you exercise you log it and eat the calories back. Depending on the exercise it can overestimate cals, so many recommend eating back only 50-75% at first (you can modify the calories from the exercise when you log it) and then assessing results after a few weeks.

    Thank you. I've wondered about this too and you've explained it very clearly. :)
  • aliceire01
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    Day 1... feeling motivated already 💃
  • myplace2roam
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    Hi, Everyone

    I am new here-day one. I have about 100 lbs to lose, several roadblocks to weight loss, and no idea why I'm gaining the weight. I could really use some support. It's very frustrating to be gaining weight monthly when you eat as little as I do.

    I have psoriatic arthritis that went misdiagnosed for a decade, so movement is difficult for me (I realize that contributes to the weight gain), even sometimes near impossible. I have physical therapy exercises I'm supposed to do every day, and I do when I'm able. Otherwise, it is difficult for me to even walk without a cane.

    About a year and a half ago, I had a serious medical emergency that put me in the hospital for 3 days and revealed some health issues I was unaware of. I now take numerous medications for High blood pressure, depression, psoriatic arthritis, and a couple more. Any or all of these could be partly responsible for the weight gain.

    I have done food diaries several times (both before and after finding out about the health issues), and am starting a new one here now, and it always shows I'm eating less than 1500 calories a day without trying. I am using this app, and being brutally honest about every morsel and sip, to try to find out if I'm secretly getting calories without realizing it.
  • Chiz2020
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    Hello everyone! Glad to be here! Myfitnesspal often pops up when I do a search for nutrition info on food, I just got on board and it's helping out a lot! Planning my meals and checking the calories before I cook and portion them has really helped me stay on track.
  • staceycrump987
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    Nova wrote: »
    Welcome to the MFP Community! This is a discussion we have created to welcome the new people in our community, to have a discussion where new folks can meet one another, AND ask questions of existing members.

    We are not going to do an adopt-a-noob discussion this year so we encourage our awesome veterans to hang out in the discussion if you are interested in helping answer questions our noobs need to know.

    Hello I'm a newbie here
  • beshin6883
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    Hi, I’m Brandon. I’ve been logging for a couple months but this is my first jump into the community. A little mad at myself that I didn’t start this earlier, but better late than never.
  • umpa2112
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    Hello this is day two of my diet! I am very nervous. Yesterday, I took my weight and it has double. I am hoping this diet per-say, is the one for me....
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