Women 200lb+, Let's Jump-Start This January!!!



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    @fitchick37 omg! That’s such a good idea about the switch game! I’m def copying you lol.

    It was less than half price of the 2020 one too.
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    I broke myself of cream in my tea some years ago for financial reasons, but not in chai. Chai, to taste right, has to have half-and-half in it. The mouthfeels is wrong otherwise. Currently I don't have it that often but I'll start being more careful when I do!
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    @RavenStCloud:It gets easier to eat smaller portions as you do it. It used to be when I went out and we got ribs, I ate a half rack of babybacks, plus full portions of sides and a couple rolls and a soda. Last week we went out, and I got a plate that was three ribs, six ounces of brisket, and two sides. I ate three ribs and one side, and had the brisket and the other side the following day for lunch, and I planned it that way when I sat down, because I knew no. way. at. all. could I stuff an entire half-rack down myself any more. That really helps me because it doesn't matter how much there is to eat, these days, I just can't fit more than a given quantity in.
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    @ladyluch99 I laughed at your wagon/cupcake thing!! I'm around the same size and I budget for 1700 cals but I don't eat any extra when I exercise. A lot of people are probably on 1200 but adding more for exercise, my thinking (after a lot of trial and error) that what works for me is re-educating myself about what enough food for the day looks like. The aim is to continue eating this amount for life. Good luck with your journey, sent you a friend request.
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    @pamiede, incredible job! So inspiring!

    @MsDollyDimple, haaaaaht. Girl. Work. You + dresses. I stan.

    @mmdeveau oh man, best of luck for Restaurant Week(s). That's got to be some hard logging. I wonder if they'd let you bring in a food scale. :lol:

    @speyerj - I feel you on the S&P lol. Do you use a weight smoothing graph app? I like Libra for Android, and I know there's one for iphone. I log my weight every day, so I can see trends, and it allows me not to FREAK OUT when shark week comes around and my weight jumps up 2 lbs or whatever.