Just give me one month - January 2020



  • zimborunner
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    Female; Age 52; 5'2"; San Diego, CA

    Original starting weight Dec 2019:- 173 pounds
    January 2020 starting weight:- 169.4
    Goal weight this month January 2020:- 164 lbs
    Target goal weight:- 135 lbs

    Dec 2019:- SW: 173 (-3.6 lbs)
    Jan 2020:- SW: 169.4

    We can do this! One step at a time, one week at a time, one pound at a time!

    Jan 1: 169.4 Quiet day! We're constantly doing projects at home, so today was my day off. Back at it tomorrow!
    Jan 2:
    Jan 3: 169.6
    Jan 4: 169.4
    Jan 5: 169.6 Not getting anywhere at the moment :(
    Jan 6: 168.2 About time seeing some movement. Started my exercise routine back up today. 15mins Max trainer; 30 mins fat burn treadmill; some free weights.
    Jan 7: 168.6 Ugh, back to work :(
    Jan 8: 168.6 Hanging in there - yet again, ups and downs.
    Jan 9: 168.4
    Jan 10: 168.0 Exercised every week day this week. Keep on keeping on!
    Jan 11: 167.8
    Jan 12: 167
    Jan 13: 167.8
    Jan 14: 167.6
    Jan 15: 168.2 And here it goes again - ups and downs. So frustrating. Unfortunately it's the 167 mark that I give up, so just going to have to keep up with the 2 threads I post on and 'keep on keeping on'.
    Jan 16:
    Jan 17:
    Jan 18:
    Jan 19: Starting my pre colonoscopy eating today. It's going to be an interesting few days before and after. :s
    Jan 20:
  • Aquarian
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    Original starting weight Dec 2019:- 63kg
    January 2020 starting weight:- 59.7 kg
    Goal weight this month January 2020:- 58 kg - reached, yay! Now modifying to 57.5
    Target goal weight:- 54 kg

    Dec 2019:- SW: 63 (-3.3 kgs)
    Jan 2020:- SW: 59.7

    Jan 1: 59.7 kgs
    Jan 2: 59.6 kgs (good food, cardio, core training)
    Jan 3: 59.3 kgs (yay! Ate well and did cardio, core and some Pilates)
    Jan 4: 59.1 kgs (In hotel scale. Will know correctly once I get back home only, but happy enough.)
    Jan 5: 59.1 kgs (Hotel scale again, did 30 mins jogging plus core and Pilates)
    Jan 6: 58.9 kgs (yay! Good eating plus cardio, core and Pilates)
    Jan 7: 58.9 kgs
    Jan 8: 58.7 kgs
    Jan 9: 58.4 kgs
    Jan 10: 58.4 kgs
    Jan 11: 58.1 kgs (hotel scale)
    Jan 12: 58.0 kgs (hotel scale - reached goal, yay! Modifying goal now)
    Jan 13: 58.5 kgs (home scale - maybe hotel scale was incorrect, but I don’t really see why my weight should be up? Well tomo would be better!)
    Jan 14: 58.4 kg
    Jan 15: 58.4 kg
    Jan 16: 58.2 kg
    Jan 17:
    Jan 18:
    Jan 19:
    Jan 20:
    Jan 21:
    Jan 22:
    Jan 23:
    Jan 24:
    Jan 25:
    Jan 26:
    Jan 27:
    Jan 28:
    Jan 29:
    Jan 30:
    Jan 31:
  • CarleyMarie83
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    I'm joining but late.

    2020 is our year! We can do this!!

    Jan 15: 76.5 kilos
    Jan 16: 76 kilos
    Jan 17:
    Jan 18:
    Jan 19:
    Jan 20:
    Jan 21:
    Jan 22:
    Jan 23:
    Jan 24:
    Jan 25:
    Jan 26:
    Jan 27:
    Jan 28:
    Jan 29:
    Jan 30:
    Jan 31:
  • I'm trying this again. I did it for several months, then got lazy. With the laziness came weight gain, so I'm back where I started.

    CW - 216.4
    January GW - 210
    Ultimate GW - 150

    I need friends! Feel free to add me!

    Jan 2020:- SW: 216.4

    Jan 1: 216.4 - Day one hasn't gone quite to plan, but I've really only had a big lunch that probably accounted for a day's worth of eating 😖, and I don't plan on eating anything else (still full). I have tomorrow logged and ready, and will use the treadmill tomorrow as well. Here I go!

    Jan 2: 215.4 (- 1.0) - Wahoo! Yesterday didn't hurt me too bad!

    Jan 3: 215.0 (-0.4, -1.4lb total) - A loss is a loss no matter how small. Today is going to be hard for me, I'm home all day which means I have free reign and can do what I want (vs where I pack my breakfast and lunch / snack for work and don't have to worry about anything till dinner). Time to find the willpower and just stick to what I'd eat at work.

    Jan 4: 213.6 (-1.4, -2.8lb total) - Wasn't really expecting that! Must be the last is the water weight from TOM ending. I'll take it though!

    Jan 5: 213.0 (-0.6, -3.4lbs total) - Still going down. Wasn't expecting it. We had sandwiches (capriottis) for dinner and I ate a whole medium sandwich. Luckily it made me so full that I didn't eat anything after 645 last night. I've found that if I eat a large lunch, and then a smaller dinner, I lose better that way. So as long as my dinner isn't too heavy and I don't snack afterwards (I may have a piece or 2 of the left over Christmas chocolate (mmm lindor truffles and godiva)) I'm usually okay the next morning. I guess I'm IF-ing in a sense cause I normally don't eat anything until I take my lunch at work (1pm ish). But it's working so far so I'm gonna stick with it! I stopped drinking coffee like 3 weeks ago, but I'm tempted to start drinking it again using sugar free creamer, or even a scoop or so of vanilla protein powder. I havent made up my mind on that one yet though.

    Jan 6: 213.6 (+0.6, -2.8lb total) - Too much snacking last night. Will be better today! My plan is to start using the treadmill today, I'm going to make myself do it.

    Jan 7: 215.0 (+1.4, -1.4lb total) - Now here, I don't know what happened. I was within my calories, I drank all my water and I used the treadmill. Oh well. Gotta keep going.

    Jan 8: 214.4 (-0.6, -2.0lbs total) - Down a little today so that's better. Stayed within my calories goal today too!

    Jan 9: 214.0 (-0.4, 2.4lbs total) finally moving back down! Tonight will be treadmill night. Im thinking of possibly starting the C25K program, but I don't know how that will go on a treadmil and I don't have the confidence to go running outside. So we will see. If not I'll just stick with walking and increase my pace.

    Jan 10: 214.0 ( no change) - This is a good thing considering we ate out last night. I'm hoping for a drop tomorrow though. We will see how this weekend goes. My in laws anniversary is this weekend, so I know we will be eating out, I just don't know where. Just gotta keep going!

    Jan 11: 212.4 (-1.6, 4lbs total) FINALLY‼️ Seeing that drop that I've been patiently waiting for. 😁Gotta keep it going! Today is going to be a little rough. We're eating out for my in laws anniversary tonight and as of right now I have no clue where we are going. Hopefully we will get all this straightened out soon so I can figure out what I'm going to eat. Other than that its going to be a lazy day. Not much going on. Might go watch out NHL team practice today, the kids love that and if the players are feeling up to it they will sign autographs for the kids.

    Jan 12: 214.0 (+1.6, 2.4lbs total) Knew this was going to happen. Just gonna chug water today and hope that helps flush everything out. Hopefully will be back down soon.

    Jan 13: 215.8 (+1.8, .06lbs total) Well yesterday was a bust. Let's just say pizza, cake and McDonald's was involved and totally unplanned. Ugh. Best I can do is just to keep going. I know what I've put back on is more water than anything (some is actual weight gain too, I know). But I'm just gonna keep on keeping on.

    Jan 14: 214.4 (-1.4, 2lbs total) I need to get my butt into gear. The month is half over and I've accomplished basically nothing so far. Time to get my crap together and go!

    Jan 15: 214.4 (no change) Better than gaining!
  • caramela73
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    Female, age 46

    January 2020 starting weight: 78 kg
    Goal weight this month January 2020: 76.5 kg
    Target goal weight: 72 kg

    Jan 1:
    Jan 2: Walk 7 km
    Jan 3: Walk 6 km
    Jan 4:
    Jan 5:
    Jan 6:
    Jan 7: 78 kg - Pilates and walk 5 km - PMS
    Jan 8: 78.5 kg - Walk 4 km
    Jan 9: 78 kg - Pilates
    Jan 10: 78 kg
    Jan 11: 78 kg
    Jan 12: 77,5 kg
    Jan 13: 77,5 kg - Pilates
    Jan 14: 77 kg…great! Walk 5 km
    Jan 15: 77 kg - Pilates
    Jan 16: 77 kg
    Jan 17:
    Jan 18:
    Jan 19:
    Jan 20:
    Jan 21:
    Jan 22:
    Jan 23:
    Jan 24:
    Jan 25:
    Jan 26:
    Jan 27:
    Jan 28:
    Jan 29:
    Jan 30:
    Jan 31:
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    Canadian living in Denmark. Did this for a month in August and then lost motivation when I hit a plateau and gained everything back and more since November. I'm struggling beyond belief to lost my last pregnancy weight from 2 years ago. I was 46 so I definitely see the difference in the ability to lose weight between this pregnancy and my earlier one in my 30's. I have about 25 lbs to go to pre-pregnancy weight.

    Female; Age 48; 5'3"

    Original starting weight Dec 2017:-180 pounds
    January 2020 starting weight:- 163
    Goal weight this month January 2020:- 160 lbs
    Target goal weight:- 120lbs

    Jan 10: 163
    Jan 11: 161.6 - probably due to TOM yesterday. I can't seem to stop binging at night.
    Jan 12: 159.9 - water weight I guess. I ate a lot so I don't think it reflects any weight loss.
    Jan 13 - no weigh in
    Jan 14. 161.0 - that's more realistic
    Jan 15: 161.6 - Here we go again. I hate this
    Jan 16: 160.8 - Better :)
  • TerriRichardson112
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    edited January 2020
    Journey so far:
    Jan 2015: I joined MFP at 227 lbs and gradually reduced
    Oct 2016: finally hit my target of 155
    Dec 2018: Had gradually wavered up again to 170s
    Jan 2019: still wavering round 170
    July 2019: bounced up and down between 160 and 170
    Aug 2019: Gave myself the proverbial kick up the a** and buckled down!
    Oct 2019: Set new goal weight of 150 by year end
    Nov 2019: Hit goal late Nov. I’m now focusing on increasing strength workouts
    Aug: -8.31 (a lot of this was holiday weight gained in July)
    Sept: -4.71
    Oct: -4.2
    Nov: -2.2 (Strength workouts temporarily slowing progress)

    Dec: + 4.4 (Christmas indulgences)

    OSW: 227 (Mar 2014)
    CSW: 170.1 (1 Aug 2019)
    LW: 147.8 (Nov 2019)
    JAN SW: 151.4
    GW: Under 150

    Wed 01 Jan: 151.4
    Thu 02 Jan: 151.6 Not the best start. We got Series 8 of GoTs for Christmas and DH opened a box of liquorice allsorts as we were watching the first episode last night. I was under goal, but the sugar has given me a touch of bloat this morning.
    Fri 03 Jan: 151.8
    Sat 04 Jan: 151.4 Phew! Glad it’s started to shift again.
    Sun 05 Jan: 151.2
    Mon 06 Jan: 151.2
    Tue 07 Jan: 151.1
    Wed 08 Jan: 150.9
    Thu 09 Jan: 150.2 😍 not really expecting this drop as we were entertaining yesterday, and I did indulge somewhat.
    Fri 10 Jan: 150.2 😄 Happy that it’s sticking! 😂
    Sat 11 Jan: 149.9 😄
    Sun 12 Jan: 149.6 😄
    Mon 13 Jan: 149.4 😍 3 days under 150, and not yet half way through the month. Staying on track, upping the intensity of my workouts gradually, and reigning in on the snacks seems to be doing the business. Daily monitoring is underlining the need for being mindful.
    Tue 14 Jan: 149.6 😁 Note to self: Avoid salty snacks at bedtime! DOH!!!!
    Wed 15 Jan: 150.1 😏 Cause and effect! Water retention.
    Thu 16 Jan: 149.2 😍 Better!
    Jan 17:
    Jan 18:
    Jan 19:
    Jan 20:
    Jan 21:
    Jan 22:
    Jan 23:
    Jan 24:
    Jan 25:
    Jan 26:
    Jan 27:
    Jan 28:
    Jan 29:
    Jan 30
  • Starting weight 325lbs 22nd August 2019
    Start weight this month 264.4
    Goal weight this month 256
    Target goal weight 165lbs possibly less undecided yet!

    Going a little easier on my goal this month as I didn't make goal again last month. Missed by 0.4lbs!

    Sept loss 14.9lbs
    October loss 12.1lbs
    November loss 11.6lbs
    December loss 10.2lbs

    1 January 264.7! Great I start the new year up by 0.3lbs! Probably last night’s alcohol so back on the water today 😊

    2 January 264.5 down a little but weighed late in the day so hoping it’s not accurate! Walked miles today so here’s hoping for a little more off tomorrow!

    3 January 264.4 down a little but today is my birthday so I’ve had a glass of Baileys tonight. Fingers crossed it doesn’t do too much damage tomorrow!

    4 January 264.4 again! Aaarrrggghhh! Sick of this number! Know full well I slightly overdid it yesterday but also didn’t drink enough water but just a little drop would be encouraging at this point! Extra exercise the last couple of weeks as well and still not a great result! Frustrating but I’m going to drink more and keep plugging away at it! I will have a summer body for the summer dagnamit!

    5 January 263.7 finally a little loss at last! All that walking and all the water drunk did help. Guess I’ll keep going today then!

    6 January - didn't weigh today, busy day.

    7 January 264.4! Not impressed but TOM on the way and this always happens. Drinking loads to try to help. Not helping that I'm back at work today and having to sit in front of the computer all day isn't helping with my step count! Treadmill for hours later it is then. Humph at this. Hate fluctuations I can't help!

    8 January 263.3! Yay a loss at last! A new low for me as well. Definitely going to keep on with the water and have chosen a new supper meal to stop me overdoing the butter on my toast. I'm doing this!!!

    9 January 263.3 Now I don’t like this number either! Gah! Can’t really expect a daily loss but I always hope! At least it wasn’t a gain so I’ll take that as a win! 😊

    10 January no weigh in

    11 January 262.9 pleased with this. Another new low. I know it’s getting harder now but I think the no toast and butter change is helping. 😀

    12 January 261.9 so pleased with this. Feels like progress and the first real progress of this month. Hope it continues or I’m not going to make my goal this month either! Keep drinking the water! 💦

    13 January 262! Ah well, not going to worry about this one, too small an increase to matter! Had expected more of an increase as I wasn't well yesterday and didn't move about much at all. So I guess I'll take that happily! Keep drinking the water!

    14 January 261.9 It seems similar numbers are here to haunt me, but it's a tiny loss so I'll take it!

    15 January 261.6, again a little loss but still a loss! Decided to be tougher with myself about my ambiguous calories. I've got a long way to go so i want to do it a little more quickly!

    16 January 260.7 Pleased with this! Hoping 4.7lbs is doable by the end of the month now! I'd really like to hit my goal just once on one of these threads! I suppose I could pick a less aggressive goal but I need to be aiming high to help motivate me!
  • MySlimGoals
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    Starting weight: 121.7kg/268.3lb
    Start weight this month: 97.2kg/214.2lb
    Goal weight this month 94kg/207.2lb
    Target goal weight 65kg/143lb

    Aug lost: 4.6kg/10.14lb
    Sept lost: 5.4kg/11.9lb
    Oct lost: 5.6kg/12.3lb
    Nov lost: 5.0kg/11lb
    Dec lost: 3.3kg/7.2lb

    Loss this month: 1.4kg/3.0lb
    Total Loss: 25.9kg/57.0lb
    Height: 168cm (5'6")

    2020 is our year! We can do this!!

    Jan 01: 97.2kg/214.2lb 😃
    Jan 02: 97.4kg/214.7lb 😐
    Jan 03: 97.0kg/213.8lb 😃
    Jan 04: 96.8kg/213.4lb 😃
    Jan 05: 96.8kg/213.4lb 😃
    Jan 06: 96.8kg/213.4lb 😬
    Jan 07: 96.8kg/213.4lb 😬
    Jan 08: 97.1kg/214.0lb 😭
    Jan 09: 97.0kg/213.8lb ☹️
    Jan 10: 96.2kg/212.0lb 🥳🎂🥂4️⃣0️⃣🤦🏼‍♀️🍰
    Jan 11: 97.0kg/213.8lb 😃👍🏻
    Jan 12: 96.5kg/212.7lb 😃
    Jan 13: 96.8kg/213.4lb 😐
    Jan 14: 96.7kg/213.1lb 😃 25kg/55lb lost!
    Jan 15: 96.2kg/212.0lb 😃
    Jan 16: 95.8kg/211.2lb 😃
    Jan 17:
    Jan 18:
    Jan 19:
    Jan 20:
    Jan 21:
    Jan 22:
    Jan 23:
    Jan 24:
    Jan 25:
    Jan 26:
    Jan 27:
    Jan 28:
    Jan 29:
    Jan 30:
    Jan 31:

  • lightenup2016
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    Starting weight: 163.4 lb
    Start weight this month: 147.8
    Goal weight this month: 140
    Target goal weight: 128

    August: lost 1.2 lb
    September: lost 4.2 lb
    October: lost 3.7 lb
    November: lost 3.9 lb
    December: lost 4.3 lb (but ended high due to New Year’s)

    (I use Happy Scale, so the losses above are determined by moving average. I will post my actual daily weight below.)

    01 Jan: 147.8 (my lowest in Dec was 144.6) Definitely indulged for a couple of days at the beach for New Year’s with family. I expect this to go down quickly after a few days back to my normal routine....hopefully, anyways!
    02 Jan: 148.8 I ate within my deficit calories yesterday, so this increase is either from DOMS (I’m still extremely sore from a hard workout on Tuesday), or it’s PMS a lil early? Oh well, patience!
    03 Jan: 148
    04 Jan: 146.8
    05 Jan: 145.8
    06 Jan: 146.8 —had buttered popcorn at the movies yesterday, ie, sodium-induced water weight!
    07 Jan: 146.8 —staying at a calorie deficit, but more salt plus PMS still, so I’m not letting go of the water! Patience...
    08 Jan: 147.4 Seriously! Admittedly, more salt again.
    09 Jan: 147 TOM today, finally!! Hopefully I can lose some of this now. I’ve been within my calorie goal, so something’s gotta give soon! (It usually takes 5 more days after TOM starts-boo)
    10 Jan: 146.4
    11 Jan: 146.2 Surprised, since I had Domino’s pizza last night—high sodium
    12 Jan: 146.8 Tearin’ it up in Jan! Lol
    13 Jan: 146.8 Uuuugggghhhhhhh!!!! I mean, patience...!?! Within my goal calories...
    14 Jan: 145.2 There’s some of it gone after TOM (Yep, takes 5 days after I start!). I’m still not down to my lowest in Dec, but hopefully soon.
    15 Jan: 146.2 Had sushi last night, so yeah, sodium!
    16 Jan: 144.6 Okay, finally back to my previous low from Dec. Now to actually lose some!

  • bstanford510
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    Starting weight: 170.8
    Starting weight this month: 140.2
    Goal weight this month: 134
    Target goal weight: I’m not sure yet, shooting for 130 first.

    August: lost 5.5 pounds
    September: lost 5 pounds
    October: lost 10 pounds
    November: lost 5 pounds
    December: lost 5.6 pounds

    This month will be way different then usual. Doing the Daniel Fast starting Jan 5th for 21 days, for spiritual reasons. So my workouts will probably suffer a little and I will probably lose weight fast in those 21 days.

    Jan 01: 140.2
    Jan 02: 139.8
    Jan 03: 139.8
    Jan 04: 138.4
    Jan 05: 137.8
    Jan 06: 137.6
    Jan 07: 137.4
    Jan 08: 136.0
    Jan 09: 135.6
    Jan 10: 133.4 🤯 I know this is just a lot of water weight and will even out over the next couple weeks, so I’m not going to change my goal.
    Jan 11: 134.0
    Jan 12: 133.6
    Jan 13: 134.0
    Jan 14: 134.8
    Jan 15: 134.2
    Jan 16: 133.8
  • CrumbsInMyButter
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    Starting weight: 195.8 lb
    Start weight this month: 192.6 (too many chocolates over the holidays)
    Goal weight this month: 184
    Target goal weight: 160

    November: lost 3 lb
    December: lost 3

    06 Jan: 192.8
    07 Jan: 191.6
    08 Jan: 191.2
    09 Jan: 191.8
    10 Jan: 191.6
    11 Jan: 192.6
    12 Jan: 193.4 (yikes! too much food over the weekend)
    13 Jan: 192.6
    14 Jan: 191.0 (back on track)
    15 Jan: 191.2
    16 Jan: 190.2
  • keshaldra
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    May lost 8 lbs
    June lost 1.6 lbs
    July lost 2 lbs
    August lost 4.2 lbs
    September lost 6.6 lbs
    October lost 2 lbs
    November gained .4 lbs
    December gained 1.8 lbs

    Original weight: 234 lbs
    End of month goal weight: 208
    Goal weight: 180 lbs, then re-evaluate

    Jan 1: 211.8
    Jan 2: 211
    Jan 3: 210.4 (going HARD so far, been flawless with the diet, and working out more intensely than usual. The goal is to see if I can keep it up for a month)
    Jan 4: 209.6
    Jan 5: 208.8
    Jan 6: 208.8
    Jan 7: 209 (this was disappointing, I've done really well so far)
    Jan 8: 208.2
    Jan 9: 207.8
    Jan 10: 207.4
    Jan 11: 206.8
    Jan 12: 207.8 (I was under my calories, but my day was like 50% carbs, including 2 bowls of popcorn. I'm expecting this to come off soon)
    Jan 13: 207
    Jan 14: 206 (new low! Haven't seen this in a couple of months, so I'm pretty psyched. And the last couple of days have been HARD....eating the same amount, but much hungrier than usual).
    Jan 15: 208.8 (they catered lunch at work and, already off the wagon, I had fast food for dinner. Bad me! That said, I only went over by about half a pound worth of calories, so I expect this to come off in a few days).
    Jan 16: 208
  • cailinmor
    cailinmor Posts: 71 Member
    Have done this for the last two months and find it helpful. Haven't lost any weight but haven't gained so hopefully January will see a decrease

    Jan 1-13st 3 lbs
    Jan 2-13st 3.5 lbs
    Jan 3-13st 3.25 lbs
    Jan 4- 13st 3 lbs
    Jan 5-13st 2 lbs
    Jan 6-13st 2.5 lbs
    Jan 7-13st 3 lbs
    Jan 8-13st 2.5 lbs
    Jan 9-13st 2.25 lbs
    Jan 10-13st 1.75 lbs
    Jan 11/12 no weigh in Partners Birthday /weekend away Michelin Starred restaurant last night, will be interesting to see what tomorrow brings
    Jan 13-13st 2.75 lbs
    Jan 14-13st 4.25 lbs
    Jan 15-13st 3.25 lbs
    Jan 16-13st 3 lbs
  • Starting weight: 198 lb
    Start weight this month: 148.8
    Goal weight this month: 145
    Target goal weight: 140

    August: -5.5 lb ( 167.6 lb)
    September: -3.5 lb (162.1 lb)
    October: -6.2 lb (158.6 lb)
    November: + 3 lb (152.4 lb)
    December: - 3 lb ( 149.4 lb)

    01 Jan- 148.8 lb 👍 Lets do this!!
    02 Jan- 150.4 lb- I had ALOT of pizza for dinner lastnight... whoops! Back on track today though
    03 Jan- 150.4 lb
    04 Jan- No weigh day
    05 Jan- No weigh day
    06 Jan- 151.8 lb- Wow, what the heck?! I havent been all that bad... Guess I really need to buckle down! #determined.
    07 Jan- 149.2 lb- That's better. Almost back to where I started this month!! LOL!
    08 Jan- 147.4 lb- Yay!! Being good and it's working :smiley:
    09 Jan- 146.8 lb
    10 Jan- 146.4 lb- Woot woot!! Going to try hard to be good this weekend! Next Saturday we are having my son's 3rd birthday party. I plan on having a peice of cake! I gotta keep it together until then.
    11 Jan- No weigh day
    12 Jan- No weigh day
    13 Jan- 145.8 lb- My self control is really paying off :) At this rate, I will be in maintaince mode in no time! I'm excited :) This will be my first time ever in "maintaince mode". I've come close to my ulimate goal a couple times... but then lose motivation... or get pregnant... and gain weight back LOL Not this time! I'm reaching it!! Only 4.8lbs to go :)
    14 Jan- 146 lb- Weighed myself on a different scale today. Also, not at my normal time.
    15 Jan- 146.2 lb- Weighed on the same scale as yesterday. Not surprised about the + 0.2 lb. Late dinner.
    16 Jan- 144.8 lb- Back on my normal scale & normal time!
  • anthonysdunn
    anthonysdunn Posts: 436 Member

    January 2020 starting weight:- 307 lb
    Target goal weight this month:- 300 lb
    Overall goal: 250 lb

    Jan 1: 307
    Jan 2: 307.4
    Jan 3: 307.2
    Jan 4: 307.4
    Jan 5: 306.6
    Jan 6: 307.2
    Jan 7: 306.8
    Jan 8: 306.6
    Jan 9: 305.8
    Jan 10: 306.8
    Jan 11: 305
    Jan 12: 302
    Jan 13: 302
    Jan 14: 302.2
    Jan 15: 300
    Jan 16: 299.8
    Jan 17:
    Jan 18:
    Jan 19:
    Jan 20:
    Jan 21:
    Jan 22:
    Jan 23:
    Jan 24:
    Jan 25:
    Jan 26:
    Jan 27:
    Jan 28:
    Jan 29:
    Jan 30:
    Jan 31:

    Made it to my goal for the month :). I’ll try for 295 by the end

    Into the 200s :) barely
  • jenn990205
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    December was not my best month. I finally had reached maintenance the first couple of weeks of the month and then lost it after that. I am up about 5 pounds from where I want to be. Hoping a lot of this is water weight and will drop fairly quickly.

    Jan 1: 143.1
    Jan 2: 143.7 there is the rest of my alcohol weight from New Year's Eve.
    Jan 3: 143.7
    Jan 4: 143.1
    Jan 5: 143.1
    Jan 6: 143.1 No alcohol yesterday and back on track today. Hoping some of this is water weight and I will lose quickly!
    Jan 7: 144.9 way to much alcohol unexpectedly last night.
    Jan 8: 144.3
    Jan 9: 143.1 I think my scale is confused. It could not really settle on a number so I went with the highest
    Jan 10: 143.0
    Jan 11: 139.8
    Jan 12: 139.8
    Jan 13: 140.7 I am ok with this as a Monday weigh-in. 3 more pounds down and I will be back in maintenance weight.
    Jan 14: 142.0 Ate 2 pieces of chocolate before bed and had 2 beers. Uuugghh, my will power sucks these days!
    Jan 15: 140.7 back down and hoping to be a little lower tomorrow. Plenty of water today
    Jan 16: 140.7
    Jan 17:
    Jan 18:
    Jan 19:
    Jan 20:
    Jan 21:
    Jan 22:
    Jan 23:
    Jan 24:
    Jan 25:
    Jan 26:
    Jan 27:
    Jan 28:
    Jan 29:
    Jan 30:
    Jan 31: