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It aint over til the slim woman sings...I'm "SANGING", cause I reached my ultimate DREAM goal today!

NewLIFEstyle4MENewLIFEstyle4ME Member Posts: 4,447 Member Member Posts: 4,447 Member
I posted this in the "decluttering thread" but wanted to post it here with a few more pics because I'M SOOOOOOOOOOOOO GLAD/MEGA THRILLED
SOOOOOO H :D PPYYYYYYY TO BE DONE/officially entering into the maintenance mode!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

NewLIFEstyle4ME last month
Last recorded weight: 137.2 lbs on 12/22/2019
lost 1.4 lbs since last weighing in! Newlifestyle4me's lost 82.6 lbs so far.


REACHED/EXCEEDED my ultimate/ultra/mega/dream goal weight today...

Last recorded weight: 134 lbs on 1/23/2020
lost 3.2 lbs since last weighing in! Newlifestyle4me's lost 85.8 lbs so far.

:'( These are tears of JOY :triumph: and so much more. Seriously, the last 10 pounds were just as tough as all of the big ole AH-MAZING total of 85.8 pounds/ounces and inches. I DID IT! It took over 7 years AND 31 days (31 days to blast the last 3.2lbs) to get here ( I started the I MEAN BUSINESS lifestyle change of decluttering AND weight blastification in Nov-Dec of 2017--so about a 9 months to a year + to blast and achieve my first dream goal of 150lbs (69lbs) and then another 9 months to a YEAR to blast the rest to FINALLY blast forever to the place where the sun will NEVER shine,185.8lbs--but 7+ LONG/HARD/MISERABLE years of trying/when I first joined Mfp in February of 2012), but here I am.

I purchased these "special victory/goal achieved slippers" when I was around 190lbs over two years ago and have never worn then until TODAY...just waiting until I reached the phenomenal goal weight of 135lbs to wear them and BOOM--I'm at 134lbs--BETTER than my dream goal weight. I'm now DONE with the weight-blastification and officially into maintenance now. o:) Thank you Lord o:) , I'm DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here's some receipts:
BEFORE--this is the lowest scale pic I could find, but my highest weight was 219.8lbs_


P.S. The answer is YES, period.

These are some recent pics of me (in a size 6) One of the pics is me in one with both legs in one leg of the size 20w I used to have to squeeze to get into a couple of years ago!

Look at how TINY these size 6's are...WOW


Me a couple/few years ago not sure if these are the same size 20w jeans above, but I DO remember having to struggle to get these jeans buttoned--they were so TIGHT in the waist

Me with my now two legs inside ONE pant leg of the 20w

Me a month or so ago


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