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What Mini Goal is motivating you right now!



  • katshearekatsheare Member Posts: 1,075 Member Member Posts: 1,075 Member
    Smashed it. I'm all quivery lipped and less than 300!

    New goal... 3.1lbs until the next stone marker :smiley:

    Lost 3.3 this week.

    New goal to the next stone marker, although this is a bit of a landmark, 13.8lb.

    Your progress is fantastic! You'll make that next stone, even if it takes a while!

    Building data is my goal: I've stopped tracking whatever (weight, intake, exercise) too early to be able to build an accurate picture. I want to know what I'm working from.
  • MelodiousMermaidMelodiousMermaid Member Posts: 276 Member Member Posts: 276 Member
    Lietchi wrote: »
    Lietchi wrote: »
    After a frustrating plateau after the holidays, I've had a nice whoosh. Now less than a lb to lose before I leave obesity behind me and become 'simply' overweight. I think I'll buy myself a fancy new activity tracker as a reward when I get there.

    Today is the day, finally a BMI under 30!
    I think I've settled on a Garmin Vivoactive 4. Expensive but my health is worth it :smile:

    Next mini-goal: drop another 2,5kg and get under 80kg!

    I recently bit the bullet and invested in a VA4 myself. Still figuring out some of the stuff, but overall, I feel it was a solid investment. I hope you enjoy yours!
  • KrystinaMTLKrystinaMTL Member Posts: 1,338 Member Member Posts: 1,338 Member
    Mini goal is to hit 175.4 so I can have ten pounds lost.
    Started Jan 3rd at 185.4 but my highest weight was 225
    Bit by bit by bit !
    It all adds up !!!
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