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    JUST GIVE ME 10 DAYS ~|~ Round 102 (round 34 for me ) I'm in for another round – really need to move on (again) !

    Female age 61 5' 4”

    Achieved goal weigh of 125lb in summer 2016 by losing 66lb and have gradually gained between 7 and 11 since then; I don't want to gain any more, but would like to get back to my goal weight – I'm working at it – it's a permanent way of life !

    This round goal to just lose - aim to stick with good habits: be mindful of what I eat & drink, keep walking & refrain from attacking the cookie jar and left over Christmas chocolates – plan is to put them in DH lunch box each day 'til they're gone!!
    End of round 69 134.2 lbs
    End of round 70 133.6
    End of round 71 132.4
    End of round 72 133.2
    End of round 73 132.8
    End of round 74 132
    End of round 75 131.4
    End of round 76 130.2
    End of round 77 132.4
    End of round 78 134.4
    End of round 79 132
    End of round 80 133.6
    End of round 81 133.8
    End of round 82 132.4
    End of round 83 133.4
    End of round 84 133
    Ended of round 85 131.6
    End of round 86 133.0
    End of round 87 134.8
    End of round 88 132.8 (2 pounds lost)
    End of round 89 138.2 (+5.4 pounds gained)
    End of round 90 135 (3.2 pounds down)
    End of round 91 132.8 (2.2 pounds down from end of last round)
    End of round 92 133 (0.2 pound up from end of last round)
    End of round 93 135.6 (2.6 pounds up from end of last round)
    End of round 94 135.8 (0.2 pounds up from end of last round)
    End of round 95 134.4 (1.4 pounds down)
    End of round 96 134.4 (no loss no gain!!)
    End of round 97 135 (0.6 up from end of last round)
    End of round 98 133.4 (1.6 down from end of last round)
    End of round 99 134.4 (1 up from end of last; not bad for Christmas period!)
    End of round 100 133.4 (1 down from end of last round)
    End of round 101 137.2 (3.8 pounds up from last round)


    01/18 136 – 9.7 miles walked, pre planning & logging worked yesterday, I'll use it again today. Feels good to be back in control, all macros & calories well in green.
    01/19 136 – 11.86 miles walked yesterday in the glorious winter sunshine. Today will be a challenge, last “Christmas” celebration of the season, all my large family get together, siblings, respective children and grandchildren, 30+ of us, we hire a church hall and all bring bits of food, you may know it as a Jacobs table or an American supper? I'm getting out for a good walk this morning beforehand and then really going to try to make healthy choices.
    01/20 136.6 – 8.06 miles walked. Did indulge a little, but tried to make mostly healthy choices at our last family “Christmas” get together. Calories, carbs & sodium all over, BUT, I fought with my inner self to not use it as an “excuse” to run into a major binge (this is what would normally happen) – and it was a fight!! But the healthier me won and I ate only an apple after we got home at 6.00pm last night. So this morning I've pre-logged my food for the day and have some good walking planned too. Have a good Monday everyone!
    01/21 135.8 - 10.69 miles walked yesterday, carbs 7g over, but calories and all other macros well in green. Still feeling more in control, but knee is niggling from an old injury way back in adolescence, wouldn't let me do all my stretching and toning exercises this morning, it didn't like dancing the samba as our latin & ballroom class last night, hopefully I'll still be OK for my walking today.
    01/22 135.4 – 11.95 miles walked yesterday, knee is fine walking as long as I made sure I keep it in line rather than twist it – I will “nurse” it through yoga this morning. All calories & macros well in green, feeling strong.
    01/23 135 – 9.98 miles walked yesterday and an hours yoga – knee held up and getting better – yeah. All macros and calories in green.
    01/24 135.6 – 2.09 miles only walked, a couple of hours up & down the different levels at soft play with toddler DGS.
    01/25 DNW
    01/26 DNW
    01/27 DNW – I totally butted out on this last 3 days; phone call from my Dad's care home got me out of bed early Saturday am. Aged 86 & suffering with advanced Alzheimers, my Dad seemed to have had some kind of seizure and was on his way to A&E. He had actually suffered a major heart attack, didn't regain consciousness and peacefully drifted away. Feeling like I've been punched in the belly, I ate totally off plan & drank below my water quota. So I'm getting on with all the gumph that needs to be done following a death (I am his NOK). My wonderful heavily pregnant DD & SIL invited us to a roast Sunday dinner the following day to try to ease my pain, when we got there, she had started in labour (a week early) and gave birth later that night to a beautiful baby boy, her second & our third grandchild. A bitter sweet weekend, it just proves that life still goes on. I need to get back on track, life is going to be so different now, I used to do my walking around visiting Dad & that and sitting with him was a big part of my day. May have to come out of early retirement and look for a part time job, can't just not do anything! Trouble is I think my wanting to work only Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday each week might be too restrictive for a potential employer. I'll have to see after the funeral is over. In the meantime I still need to get back on track!!

    ?�゚マᄐ?�゚マᄐ?�゚マᄐ This is NOT A DIET - It’s a PERMANENT LIFESTYLE. ?�゚マᄐ?�゚マᄐ

    @musicsax - My heart goes out to you in your time of sorrow. Know that you are in my thoughts and prayers. & congrats on your new grandson :flowerforyou: May his birth comfort the family somewhat at this most difficult time.