189 pounds down



  • LAT1963
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    Did you have issues with excess skin?
  • chipotlejen81
    chipotlejen81 Posts: 14 Member
    I have some excess skin but not a lot. I attribute that to working out frequently!
  • YadaYadaYada64
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    What a happy looking girl you are!
  • Wow! You look absolutely sensational! Proof that it can be done, so thank you for sharing. I'm on my journey to lose almost as much as you have and am nearing the half way mark. It's great to see your before and after pictures to keep me motivated. Fantastic achievement, you look like a different person.
  • violet0ann
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    Well done :)
    I've got a lot to loose myself. i'm 344lb at the moment and 20lb down so far. seeing other people who have done it is a real inspiration to know its possible. Well done again :)
  • brenn24179
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    did you work on emotional stuff? I only lost 40 lbs but kept regaining it, I really had to face some stuff in my life that I didnt want to, very toxic family. Like that saying stuff your face or face your stuff.
    SFJULES66 Posts: 168 Member
    That is such an achievement. Congratulations!!!
  • jenwalkingfurther
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    Wow!! Well done on all your hard work 😁
  • dishiznice
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  • How many carbs per day did you allow? Did you allow breads or fruit or grain?
  • capnrus789
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    You are an absolute rock star!
  • Justin741
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    wow, what a transformation. Great work!
  • Mamakatspokane
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    Great job! You look so happy & healthy!
  • Min7878
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    This is so inspiring! Great work!