Cottage cheese



  • ktekc
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    I can stand sweet cottage cheese. Ive been eating hood cucumber dill recently and dipping carrots in it.
  • Katmary71
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    Baked apples with cinnamon! I bet stirring in winter squash, especially kabocha and butternut, would be good. Topping a potato with it would taste amazing, especially with chili powder. I used to eat it with a can of kidney beans stirred in for extra protein, sounds gross but it wasn't bad!
  • Armygirlarmyof1
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    I use strawberries a lot with it. But really any berries will go with it if you do it for a meal or a sack. I do half a serving instead of a full serving which I believe is a cup because of hbp and low sodium diet. If you do it for a snack then tomatoes and or cucumbers.
  • deetucker70
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    I know this sounds yuck but I read it in a blog and love it. Cottage cheese with Franks hot sauce and chopped walnuts!
  • DyneSalcar
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    Throw it in the blender and use it as a creamy dip for apples and strawberries!
  • gothchiq
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    Any kind of fruit IMHO
  • corinasue1143
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    Old weight watchers recipe

    Toast a slice of bread.
    Add about 1/4 tsp vanilla and a little of your favorite sweetener to the cottage cheese.
    Put the cottage cheese on the toast. Bake it until the cottage cheese melts (it takes longer than cheese like mozzarella).
    Top it with your favorite fruit and a little cinnamon if you like.

    They called it cheese danish. Doesn’t taste anything like a danish to me, but I like it.
  • baconslave
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    Oh yeah, completely forgot. It's great in a smoothie. PB, cocoa powder, vanilla, sweetener, 4 ice cubes , and cottage cheese. Quite creamy when blended completely.
  • debrakgoogins
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    I like savory cottage cheese so I eat it with everything bagel seasoning. It is tasty and filling.
  • moniquer8468
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    Google cottage cheese pancakes - they’re delicious!