What Mini Goal is motivating you right now!



  • Evarchaarcuata
    Evarchaarcuata Posts: 3 Member
    get under 80 kilos. But first lose one more, and then it will be 10 kilos lost since 22 December.
  • xojenbrassardxo
    xojenbrassardxo Posts: 38 Member
    My mini goal is to be able to fit into a pair of black jeans I bought last fall that no longer fit even though the blue pair I bought in the same size and style still fit me.
  • SisterSueGetsFit
    SisterSueGetsFit Posts: 1,211 Member
    To be at 159 pounds for my birthday trip on April 17th. Currently at 165, so it seems very doable.
  • brittanystebbins95
    brittanystebbins95 Posts: 567 Member
    I just bought this gorgeous dress for a wedding at the end of April. It's a size eu 36, and it JUST zips up. My goal is to make it fit comfortably by the time April rolls around!

    That is soooo pretty!! And it looks fantastic on you! Can I ask where you bought it?
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