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    That sounds so incredible!!! What a great experience!
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    kmfeig87 wrote: »
    Hi. My name is Trina.

    03/04 140 -- Sorry. I have been weighing, but super busy with no time to check in. My sister is in town visiting and I have radiation every day. The real busy however, is rather crazy. A friend of mine invited me to a Cancer Event several weeks ago titled "Raising our Voices / Stories of Cancer told through Movement" as she had an extra free ticket. As it turned out, the event was an info session, and having taken advantage of the free tickets, we are now the performers! The performance will take place on March 14th and is a joint project of the Stuart Pimsler Dance and Theater Company and the University of Alabama Institute for Arts In Medicine. We started rehearsal on Saturday and will rehearse every day for 2.5 hours for the next two weeks, during which time the directors will create a show which we will learn. It has been a blast! The group is a mix of cancer patients/survivors, cancer caregivers, and music/dance/theater students and professional dancers impacted by cancer. I feel like I won the golden ticket to play with the professional dance company and at the same time, like a pre-schooler in a dance class who thinks she looks like a beautiful ballerina on stage. We will be both singing and dancing on stage, and my bald head has won me a spot in the bald-headed trio--so two guys and I will have the stage to ourselves for the finale to one of the dances! It's definitely giving me a lot of movement in my day.
    R106 SW 141.5 EW ?????

    @kmfeig87 I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS!!!!! Congratulation Trina for such a WONDERFUL and CREATIVE way to help others. I am SO PROUD of you that you are willing to do this for yourself and all the other countless lives you will directly and indirectly touch. Yay Trina!

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    @quiltingjaine Congrats to your GD#2 for such a wonderful achievement!
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