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    Wow! Thank you for being so candid. Sounds like you had an amazing career, impressive!!! You definitely look to young to retire, though! Congratulations, on starting a new chapter, may it be one of adventure, good times and loving and living life!

    Well that's refreshing to hear, you're getting healthy on your own terms. Definitely the way to go! As they say slow and steady wins the race.

    I'm so impatient that I do allow myself to get stuck in a big rut, food wise and become a little obsessed. In my mind I have to lose at least 8-10 pounds a month, ya I know crazy! Did lose in 2017, however went through a extremely stressful period in 2018 and then continually gained back after months of emotional eating.

    Back in the swing of things now though, finally. It's taken a long time to get here emotionally and trying to focus more maintaining a healthy lifestyle and not a diet. Really is hard to change one's mindset, old habits try to rear their ugly head.

    Yeah that happened to me when I was like 18, my Aunt and I would go on burger runs. However, one of them became my last when it just wouldn't go down. My body just kept rejecting it, weird! Haven't eaten red meat since.

    "for me this is mental..the ability to persist...the ability to stay motivated in my journey...for the rest of my life is mental. We can still have what we want..control how much of it we eat or abstain from a certain food for a period of time...and have a wonderful journey in the process."

    May have to print it up, as a reminded. :wink: :smiley:

    Thank you so much for your reply, many pearls of wisdom. So appreciated! Love the name "Brown Sugar," BTW :smiley:

    I've been to Indiana for my sister's graduation and Atlanta for my niece's graduation, awhile ago now. Have to say the food was so good, in Atlanta but waaaayyyy to hot!!! Ha, ha!

    Take care.


    Long post alert😂😂, I started my weight loss journey 6 months after I retired (1/31/2018). I say my start weight was 288...but that was actually on 6/1/18 so I’m sure I weighed more but was too scared to get on the scale when I retired😬. For six months after I retired we were a cross between snowbirds (driving back and forth between Indiana and Georgia as we packed, moved and unpacked).

    I started my journey when I joined the gym. At that time I had never heard of MyFitnessPal. The gym wasn’t foreign to me because I’d spent 25+ years as a federal law enforcement officer and we were required to maintain a level of fitness...we had yearly physicals, bloodwork and annual fitness assessments (ages based). Because I am a large framed woman I could carry the weight (or so I thought😬). I was a defensive tactics and firearms instructor and loved everything about the adrenaline my career.

    Then I retired. I was ready to retire both mentally, professionally and financially body’s ability to function without the adrenaline became more and more apparent as the first six months passed.

    For me I needed to start with working on my cardio vascular and muscular endurance. I knew if I didn’t choose to start with that piece of the puzzle FIRST...and simply cut my caloric intake...I would loose weight BUT I would also 1) loose the motivation to workout because the scale was showing me what I wanted to see..weight loss and 2) loose an opportunity to tone my body as I was loosing weight (which can create more flab). Many people cut the calories...loose weight...then start working out...then get discouraged when they see the scale going up (because music weighs more).

    From 6/1/18 to 3/18/19 (9 months) I lost 17 pounds which is about 1/2 pound a week. My goal from the beginning was 1/2 pound to 1 pound a week. I was working out 1-2 times a week.

    Here’s what was holding me hubby and I...newly retired in the south...we were eating out 3-5 times a week. On 3/18/19 we decided to reduce that to 1-2 times a month. We started cooking everything at home, meal prepping and packing our lunch/snacks/water in a cooler and taking it with us.

    From 3/18/19 to 10/30/19 (7 1/2 months) before I learned of MFP I lost 22.8 pounds. During this period of time I started working out 5 times a week...60 minutes on the elliptical machine five days a week, a 15 minute weight workout 3 times a week and riding my bike on Saturday or Sunday mornings between 10-15 miles. While the time frame was shorter...and the weight loss was almost 6 pounds was the changes in the toning of my body that really blew my mind🤯.

    When I changed my eating habits I decided to allow my body to tell me when I didn’t need to eat a particular food rather than cutting it out in the beginning. This is why I really don’t see my journey as a “diet” but a lifestyle. Our eating falls more in line with the Mediterranean style of eating but the few times we eat out I will have whatever I want...until my body says “stop right there girl friend!”😂😂. That’s what happened when I ate a FiveGuys burger. My stomach was like WHAT THE HELL GIRL! So I knew that was not a good thing for me to eat ever again.

    When I joined MFP it was like the icing on the cake for me mentally🥰. Conversing with like minded people like yourself who are all on the same journey has provided me with an outlet which has strengthened the mental part of this journey for me. This has been an absolutely wonderful experience because I feel like my mental relationship with food has completely changed...for me this is mental..the ability to persist...the ability to stay motivated in my journey...for the rest of my life is mental. We can still have what we want..control how much of it we eat or abstain from a certain food for a period of time...and have a wonderful journey in the process.

    Thanks for sharing your journey. Your story is going to help me prepare for own "retirement"in 3 years.
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    Right about 50lbs gone
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    Aaah, first time posting pics, brain not working!
    edited March 2020
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    163 lb to 135 lb. Not quite done yet. Don’t ask me why I picked the most hideous leggings for the “before” pics—probably the only ones that fit me at the time! Now I’m stuck with them for an even comparison.

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