Stocking up on what??



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    I mean I have few Caned items a bag of lentils about weeks worth meat etc but I'm not prepared for weeks. I read an article where it's bad in Italy and there still allowed to go grocery shopping but there's a guard at the door that only allows so many people at a time.
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    I stock up when I need things and when they are on sale. We live 13 miles from town, rural. It’s foolish to run to the store for a few items. There was no shortages last Saturday when I last shopped, we’ll see tomorrow if it has changed. I have 2 full gallons of bleach and 2 unopened large containers of Clorox wipes. Plenty of canned goods. We’ll get by. Both in at risk group, over 60. I’m retired, husband is still working.
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    Yeah, it's business as usual at the Viking hus. The local Walmart appears to be out of hand sanitizer and cleaning products, but we are stocked anyway, so...
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    I may finally get to all the canned soup we always seem to have for no good reason.

    Yeah, I have a bunch of impulse buys (from well before this) of different canned goods and dried grains of different types in my pantry, so was thinking I might actually get to eat them.

    I went by my local meat market type place last night (which also has produce and a huge variety of dried pasta and bean options) and bought some easy to prepare dried things to add to my collection, and also it will make easy options should I get sick. I didn't need it -- I wanted to get a bit more produce and some potatoes, which I also did), but my hunch was that they would be as usual since they don't have paper products and that proved to be true. Plus, I think my neighborhood shopping district is worried about the likely drop-off in business.
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    Stockpiled to already had for years now-
    Potty training underwear 🩲 with rubber insides 6 pairs so a while days worth wash reuse. Bought reusable washable cloth diaper inserts to go in them.

    Allergy free - Diapers a months worth. Diaper wipes months worth. His Medicated skin lotions 🧴 3 months worth. (Baby has 2 types of severe skin condition) he bleeds without it (severe Dermatologist y me found what works I mix myself multiple types together she got me a tube of steroidal cream in case we need it told me what to buy at the store a tube only tho not a case).

    Hubby Doctor 👨‍⚕️ filled 1 prescription main one for 3 months but no others. Diabetic supplies got 2-3 weeks worth for my Mother-in-law y Dad.

    I grew up on a farm when little then country sides then cities too with a Mom who died eventually from her Cancer at Christmas so I leftover medical stuff from caring for her to shampoos in jugs . I was a single mom for decades taking care of my elderly parents to kids that weren’t mine plus 1 that was mine so I still even have their toys to books that they passed to the next youngest kid even clothes . So stockpiling lots of stuff isn’t necessary been giving it away to those in need.

    Had to hunt for toilet paper 🧻 yesterday got a box finally 2hours away. Got the babies foods got a months worth for him. 2 weeks worth for me y hubby we can do without it cut back we’re adults need to loose weight anyways we joke. Laughters getting us through some parts. 2 weeks for my elderly relatives only (3 elderly people,3 in my house already).

    Daughter said use her clothes if I loose weight need more. (She’s in the Navy doesn’t need it) .She said use her room if needed so got her bed mattress y the one my mother-in-law uses when we care for her in there can be an isolation room if We need anyone away from baby can use the one room with a bathroom 🚽. Daughter room y Baby room with bathroom for non-sick . Might have to take in elderly father y in-laws so prepared.

    I used to clean homes for a living so plenty of old cleaners to dust off use.

    Stocked up mainly when our Govenor ,CDC,Health Dept,y mayor asked us too month ago after a positive lady went to a crowded mall we still have no clue who’s infected .It started our community spread early. They struggled because were using our testing supplies on 400+ diamond cruise ship passengers already so their stepping in with a drive through testing tent y van just announced that so will see how bad it is them in San Antonio Texas.

    Normal shopping 🛒 as we go now. Just hoping April it goes away until next winter. If it doesn’t then will keep trucking along getting a weeks worth at a time of whatever available (diet shifted to availability).
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    well am stocking up on what we can now cause our area has gone nuts in last 3 days!! yesterday we went to get bread, milk and regular meats for the week at sams club and most of the food related shelves were empty. walked out with nothing. went to target that isn’t as frequented as our main one and it was close to empty as well, no breads, no milk except for fat-free and meats were mostly gone. these places were full last weekend!! we apparently missed that as of the 11th, there were infected ones in our county and ones within 10mins in neighboring county, would of went and got our basic weekly needs early if known that.

    i ended up stocking up on what frozen foods & veggies that they still had left that we like, bunch of albacore tuna pouches and a few nut related items. my dear hubby who hasn’t shown any interest in preparing for anything till his job set new rules in place yesterday, stocked up on ms butterworth and said he will live on waffles if the worse happens lol (we were already stocked up on his favorite waffle mix since it was hard to find)..

    Given how crazy folks are getting, may be a good idea after all to stock up on your regular foods too!
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    We have over 100 cases of Covid in our state.

    I went to Trader Joe's and Whole Foods yesterday. It was crazy! They both had almost no rice, beans, pasta, frozen food, meat. No chicken to be had, whether frozen, prepackaged or in the meat case. There were limited fresh vegetables, bread, milk and dairy. There is no flour to be had there nor at our regular grocery store. This all errupted Thursday, after they started closing local schools.
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    Oh, and I went to 5 stores and cannot find fresh oregano. WTF?
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    Not stocking up on anything, bought normal supplies when I did a store run yesterday. Disgusted by the people over hoarding food items. One couple had three shopping carts, one was full of meat. There was enough meat to supply my family for 4 months. People fighting over packages of toilet paper etc. We have had one reported case of Covid-19 in my state. Beginning to wonder when everyone lost their sanity.
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    I get stuff in bulk at Costco and buy food on sale so I'm pretty well-stocked. I went out yesterday to a discount store and things were low and some items like dried beans were limited to two bags. I bought some frozen food, onions, potatoes, sweet potatoes, diced tomatoes, and have a bag of carrots so I'll be able to make soups and chillis. Luckily I have a lot of spices, grow my own herbs though they aren't that great right now (I do have oregano, come on over!) and beans plus chicken and ground turkey in the fridge. Cat food and litter's stocked I struggled with getting food just to have in case vs. healthy food. I'm hoping I'll still be able to get fresh produce and dairy each week but if I can't I'll have enough for about a month. The only thing I might be hurting with is I realized I don't have much coffee left this morning which would suck but isn't the worst thing to happen.
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    I believe that there might be some misunderstanding, that stocking up's hoarding. For instance, my grocery store'd have stock up sales but never hoarding sales. Major grocery stores're equipped to provide, for stocking up but obviously not hoarding.
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    Our store ms are out if meats only some left in San Antonio Texas .Alvin Texas was out after lunch yesterday for my kids Godmom. My Dads stores On the outskirts hour away from SanAntonio Tx Mountain Hone Tx areas out of lots of stuff. I’ve never seen it like this even with folks stocking up so their is hoarders among the ones small stockpiling.

    Never seen it this bad I’ve survived lots of decades of disasters big to small. Usually folks stick up but not overly hoard. There’s some going over board,others just right,y some aren’t stocking up at all. The store workers are stocking fast as they can.Hopefully soon the craze will slow down on extreme hoarders.

    I can’t blame the all ones buying then selling it probably lost their jobs or getting less hours is trying to find a way around it.Were trying to make sure folks have work who work with my hubby.He’s looking for jobs for them to do bosses too.

    HEB stores announced slow down will keep restocking. Think their crying out on the news for a let up of the hoarders not the ones stocking reasonably. Changed store hours for restocking .

    Amazon trying to stop price gougers on their sites .

    Lots of stores are making changes to keep up with the demands.

    I’ve never seen it this bad before on so many types of food to tp. Water yes. ⛽️ gasoline yes. Thanksgiving Turkeys yes. Boards to board up windows yes.