How Has the Coronavirus Affected You?



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    Someone offered 100 bucks for our 1 bag of toilet paper lol Took 3 stores to get it and it was the last bag. The panic buyers, school being closed for 3 weeks, and even some businesses are closeing are whats affecting my city most right now.

    Did you not have more toilet paper in your home before the pandemic?
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    I shouldn't have read "The Stand" by Stephen King 3 times because I think that's distorting my view of what a real pandemic should be like.

    Ohhh no..xD
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    It’s really chapped my *kitten*


    Oh god..

    Just summarizing what 70% of the comments will be 😁

    😂😂😂 I'm glad to see someone with humor in this app. Too many serious nut jobs here lol
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    I have to work from home for an entire month

    Wow that's crazy o.o
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    Someone threatened to kill me because I walked by a shelf of broth this morning (wasn’t even there to shop; just needed to use the bathroom). Bruises between my hips and ankles from being rammed by psychopath shoppers.

    Then there’s fear for loved ones. Trucker BiL, sister at higher risk due to medical factors, mother with diabetes, father losing control of his blood pressure obsessing over it.

    Then there’s fear concerning future medical appointments. Hubby is supposed to have his intake appointment with my family doctor on the 27th and afraid it’ll be postponed due to clinic closure (he hasn’t had a GP in over twenty years). Afraid that my neuro appointment will once again be rescheduled and I’ll run out of my anti-seizure med before I can see my specialist (clinic is in a major hospital).

    And non-stop migrain from all the stupidity.

    I'm sorry that happened to you please be safe..
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    The only thing so far has affected me is the cancellation of events I had planed.
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    I bought an extra big box of coffee.

    I struggled to continue watching the walking dead around the time they ran out of coffee. It pained me too much to imagine

    Yes, that was hard. I am not sure I made it much farther after that.
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    amree73 wrote: »
    I am in Southern Arizona and there is no TP anywhere! Not the regular grocery stores, not at the cvs I was just at, not at the Natural Grocers that I shop at!! I have some, we have five in our house so I usually have some extra but dang!! All the "staples" are low or gone such as soup, broth, cleaning supplies, etc.

    All the community events have been canceled and my kids school start spring break after school today and the break may be extended into April!

    We have been sick with a cold but we are ok~

    Please get better :/
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    I am in two tennis leagues. Both are suspended, indefinitely.
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    I plan to cancel all plans with any beneficial friends, as spreading germs is not a great idea right now.
    Kidding/Not kidding. 🤷‍♀️
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    AquaMeow wrote: »
    AquaMeow wrote: »
    It’s really chapped my *kitten*


    Oh god..

    Just summarizing what 70% of the comments will be 😁

    😂😂😂 I'm glad to see someone with humor in this app. Too many serious nut jobs here lol

    Whaaat! People are great here
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    Except for limiting my social plans because everything is being closed/cancelled, the only thing that I do differently is I'm using a lot more cough drops. It's Spring. I am allergic to Spring. I am congested and coughy but people freak out when you cough any where.
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    i went to the grocery on my way to work today to get broccoli for my lunch and the place was a fn madhouse.
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    This AM work cancelled an event 2yrs in the making. Management that toiled over it are crushed. Most of my work this week has been for nothing, such is life. There's a rumour we might shut down for the month which would mean mass lay offs but whatever is, is.
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    Effecting every aspect plus my city was the first in Texas to have a oopsie (Let a positive patient go Mall shopping thank you CDC). All my family is in effected spots. In Alvin Tx no meat 🥩 so my kids godmom has no meat 🥩. My hubby drove 2hours away looking for supplies my mother-in-law to we needed. Took him 5hours he hit every store on the way got what he could find. A bag of baby wipes alcohol free for a baby (2 types of severe skin condition has to contain no alcohol).2hours away was diapers. His family didn’t believe him until they went out. He managed to get some of this y that so if need be we’re okay for a month. My Dad in a tiny country town in Texas said the big chains were out of bleach y tp. He got lucky found it at a tiny mom y pop store .

    We been asked by the mayor y Govenor to stay inside please only go out for work y needs. So abiding by that been a month now so bored! Just bored 😐! Baby misses Chuckie cheese y McDonald’s. Hubby y me miss Starbucks to grabbing a quick bite. Some areas the Online sites are running out or low mines one of them now. Sent god mom a meat site y veggie delivery by mail to try as an avenue.

    Family events like poor cousins graduation cancelled (cooking school to be a chef 👩‍🍳 Austin Texas was supposed to host it). Can’t see family as much which is hard cause they are terrible at answering the phone 📱 or emailing back to begin with.

    Got blossoms on the orange tree again some oranges 🍊 left so excited for when their ready to pick size wise. Baby loving playing in the backyard blessed to have one.

    More restaurants delivering is nice haven’t used yet but might. Ordered from eBay some stuff for baby 👶 from a pharmacy in a town I used to live. Who knows may have gone to school with them back in the day. So diaper like washable inserts to potty train with on the way.

    Watched neighbors ,cleaned house,did the census online why not, eating cake y watching ghost hunters cause bored 😑 . Worry wart yesterday became a trying to laugh through the tears day. Today felt happy no reason weighed in lost more weight!! Yes!! Diets working! Got our home gym cleaned off. Baby 👶 going to celebrate birthday with only grandpa y us tomorrow so happy day! Birthday party was called off a month ago so only grandpa. My Daughter texted from the Nacy base still safe y good she found her cousin I raised he said the others I raised good healthy still even the grandkids. So calming to know.

    Just looking for silver linings getting through what ever comes our way.

    Staying strong for the family. Going to get through this . Might start reading old books in the garage or babies books next.Gots some fun pop up books lol 😂

    Watching folks disagree with simple posts like
    “Went to work today”
    Disagree!! Like they stalkin them lol 😂. You didn’t go to work I been watching vibes