Comment here if you want more friends!!



  • crystalcastillo24
    crystalcastillo24 Posts: 2 Member
    I train 5 days a wk and use this app daily if anyone wants to connect for motivational purposes.
  • baebabu
    baebabu Posts: 214 Member
    be my friend ❤️
  • SlytherPuff4Life
    SlytherPuff4Life Posts: 74 Member
    Feel free to add me if you like. :)
  • aschleybest
    aschleybest Posts: 6 Member
    Yes, of course I want to have more friends
  • marcd90
    marcd90 Posts: 288 Member
    Feel free to add me!
  • foster1503
    foster1503 Posts: 391 Member
    Looking for friends for motivation and positively.
    Add away
  • baebabu
    baebabu Posts: 214 Member
    add me, it would be nice to chat with people
  • passenger79
    passenger79 Posts: 256 Member
    Hi add me I need more friends to motivate me 😊
  • JosJourney2018
    JosJourney2018 Posts: 28 Member
    Feel free to add me. Daily user. 113 days in, over 35lbs gone
  • Melissa_2305
    Melissa_2305 Posts: 78 Member
    Yes! I have not many friends on here yet so could use some motivation :) Let's do this!
  • LisaCantrell50
    LisaCantrell50 Posts: 10 Member
    Feel free to add me. Just rejoined after a few weeks off due to health reasons and ready to get back into it!!!
  • MeteoraTitanium
    MeteoraTitanium Posts: 102 Member
    Hi, I'm here if anyone would like to add me. Motivation and virtual ((hugs)) lol.
  • 2020bigbird
    2020bigbird Posts: 2 Member
    Would love to have friends for motivation. I've got 90 lbs to lose. Particularly looking for people 40+ in age. You motivate my I'll motivate you. We're in this together!!!
  • Truvanessa
    Truvanessa Posts: 327 Member
    Feel free to add me. Happy Saturday! 😊
  • petegurd29
    petegurd29 Posts: 6 Member
    Feel free to add me. UK, Lincs based, active diary and motivation. 56lbs down so far
  • BiggyFuzz
    BiggyFuzz Posts: 511 Member
    Add me if you .... want to be disappointed 😀😂
  • notmyachillesheel8
    notmyachillesheel8 Posts: 285 Member
    Add me!
  • Anahita4444
    Anahita4444 Posts: 81 Member
    Don't have a single friend! Would be happy to make some new friends.
    Age 51, mum and part time student (PhD candidate) and teacher. Living in the west of Ireland.
    Photos posted on Success Stories forum but I've still a ways to go.

  • Klaussner_wife
    Klaussner_wife Posts: 2 Member
    Non of my friends are into working out or nutrition. I have to find them. So add me. ;)
  • Maggiesanvicto
    Maggiesanvicto Posts: 70 Member
    Feel free to add me