2020Lose 52 Pounds in 52 Weeks Challenge



  • laureljenn
    laureljenn Posts: 242 Member
    Starting weight: 204 on 1/1/2020
    Goal weight: 150
    Current weight: 212.6 on 4/13
    Total weight lost: +8.6
    This week's successes: Managed to face the scale for a weigh in.
    This week's challenges: Stress eating!
  • Bmed1
    Bmed1 Posts: 6 Member
    Starting weight: 187 on 3/1/2020
    Goal weight: 130
    Current weight: 183
    Total weight lost: 4
    This week's successes: I walked 4 miles or more each day.
    This week's challenges: Staying away from sugar and wine.
  • tammierlewis
    tammierlewis Posts: 551 Member
    Highest weight 188.

    Starting weight: 135
    Goal weight: 120

    12/31: 135.0
    1/6: 135.0
    1/27: 143.0
    2/4: 139.2
    2/24: 140.2
    3/3: 142. 0
    3/10: 141.0
    3/24: 141.0
    3/31: 140.8
    4/7: 140.8
    4/15: 140.6

    Slowly dropping. More runs this past week. Averaged +10,000 steps each day plus bike rides. Now to eliminate those evening snacks.

  • motheroftwins95
    motheroftwins95 Posts: 512 Member
    I would like to join this challenge. I have been at my goal weight a couple of times in the past and know how good it feels. As I get older (57), it is getting harder to do the things I need to do to lose and maintain the lower weight. I am looking forward to reaching my goal again this year. Let's do this!

    Starting weight: 177.6 (January 1, 2020)
    Goal weight: 130.0
    Current weight: 170.4 (Friday, April 17)

    Total weight lost: 7.2
    This week's successes: Small loss
    This week's challenges: Motivation to continue my weight loss journey. Too many unknowns.

    Weigh-in day - Friday

  • montevalloroad18
    montevalloroad18 Posts: 36 Member
    Starting weight: 203 lbs
    Goal weight : 145 lbs
    Current weight :191 lbs 4 /6/20
    Total weightloss: 13 lbs

    This week's successes: staying within calorie limit !!!!
    This week's challenge: ate a lil more of packeted food.
    Will meal prep this week.
    4/13/20 - 191 lbs
    It is harder to eat healthy than before, I dont think I have stared at my pantry this much in all my life. :smiley:
    Tea is my best friend for now.
    Ginger, lemon, peppermint, green, chamomile cardamom, .
    Lets keep at it.
    Thank you for the likes and hug.
  • mariatn2003
    mariatn2003 Posts: 238 Member
    Starting weight: 188 April
    Goal weight: 135
    Current weight: 186.5
    Total weight lost: 1.5
    This week's successes: I mopped my entire house so my place is nice and clean and I got 3 hrs of strenuous cleaning. I watched what I ate today.
    This week's challenges: I did not exercise today or yesterday.
  • 12774
    12774 Posts: 1,416 Member
    No loss, no gain.
  • lyonet
    lyonet Posts: 18 Member
    Starting weight: 244 lbs (12/29/19)
    Goal weight: 192
    Current weight: 239
    Total weight lost: 5 lbs. :(

    This week's successes: I continue keeping breakfast low calorie. I exercised 3 days so far this week. The Silver Sneakers instructor is putting her classes on zoom 5 days per week, a huge help.

    This week's challenges: I am way off our mutual goal. Exercising so much has really ramped up my appetite and I went for fast food too many times. I need to get back to a regular food plan. My mood has been very down.

    Keep Well Everyone.
  • Piqueaboo
    Piqueaboo Posts: 1,193 Member
    Starting weight:196
    Goal weight: 143
    Current weight: 192.4
    Total weight lost: 3.6
    This week's successes: I went running!
    This week's challenges: alcohol. I’m having too much of it.

  • stormywxs288
    stormywxs288 Posts: 575 Member
    Successes this week: Lost one pound this week.

    Challenges this week: Only 12 pounds lost here in week 16. Still 4 pounds behind 52/52 pace.

  • eminater
    eminater Posts: 2,490 Member
    HSW: 257.8
    CSW: 218.2 lbs (01.01.2020)
    UGW: 143
    CGW: 163

    Weigh-ins on Mondays

    00. 01.01.2020 218.2 lbs
    01. 08.01.2020 213.8 lbs
    *skipped a few!*
    14. 30.03.2020 211.8 lbs
    15. 06.04.2020 210.6 lbs
    16. 13.04.2020 208.2 lbs - hit a new decade :sweat_smile:
    17. 20.04.2020 205.4 lbs

    Total challenge weight lost to-date: 12.8 lbs

    Week 16
    This week's successes: I felt really good giving the 16:8 IMF a second go this week - it seems to give me more consistent day to day weigh in (less fluctuations) which just makes it emotionally easier with my morning weigh-ins.
    This week's challenges: I need to be okay with exercising a little less than I might want to and listen to my body more when I need rest days.
  • laureljenn
    laureljenn Posts: 242 Member
    Starting weight: 204 on 1/1/2020
    Goal weight: 150
    Current weight: 213.6 on 4/13
    Total weight lost: +9.6
    This week's successes: Weighed in, even when I knew I would be up. Faced the music.
    This week's challenges: Too much salt!
  • osier5
    osier5 Posts: 422 Member
    Highest weight: 250 (07/11/18)
    Challenge starting weight: 173.2 (12/31/19)
    Goal weight: 150
    Current weight: 174.5 (04/20/2020)
    Total weight lost: -75.5
    Challenge weight loss: +1.3

    This week's successes: I managed to walk 5 days.
    This week's failures: Too many calories
  • tammierlewis
    tammierlewis Posts: 551 Member
    Highest weight 188.

    Starting weight: 135
    Goal weight: 120

    12/31: 135.0
    1/6: 135.0
    1/27: 143.0
    2/4: 139.2
    2/24: 140.2
    3/3: 142. 0
    3/10: 141.0
    3/24: 141.0
    3/31: 140.8
    4/7: 140.8
    4/15: 140.6
    4/21: 139.0

    Finally moving in the right direction. Feel like I'm getting back to normal. Had so.e good runs this past week. Looking forward to another good week.
  • ezbreeze6888
    ezbreeze6888 Posts: 78 Member
    Highest Weight 11/1/2019: 282
    Challenge Start Weight: 1/6/2020: 260
    Phase 1 Goal 4/27: 224 LBS. & Heal Herniated Disks in my neck without surgery. & Be able to play golf club again.
    Phase 2 Goal 7/27: 198 LBS. & Free Dive for 1+ Minutes. & Run a 5K(Achieved).
    Final Goal 10/5: 189 LBS. & Run a 10K(Achieved).
    Exercise Goal: Minimum 4 workouts per week including minimum 1200 Leg Lifts/Leg Kicks/Side Leg Lifts/Sit Ups. Minimum 20 minutes stretching & abs, 20 minutes strength training, 20 minutes cardio per workout.

    1/13 Goal: 256 / Actual: 253.2 / -28.8 Over All / -6.8 for the Challenge
    1/20 Goal: 253 / Actual: 251.4 / -30.6 Over All / -8.6 for the Challenge
    1/27 Goal: 250 / Actual: 246.0 / -36.0 Over All / -14.0 for the Challenge.

    2/03 Goal: 248 / Actual: 244.4 / -37.6 Over All / -15.6 for the Challenge. 4 Workouts Achieved & 2 PT sessions. A little more movement in the neck. Swinging a golf club not so good, need to strengthen lower back.

    2/10 Goal: 246 / Actual: 238.6 / -43.4 Over All / -21.4 for the Challenge. 4 Workouts Achieved & 2 PT sessions. Neck getting a little better. Golf swing with weighted training club seems a little better. Maybe ready to hit a few balls on the range.

    2/17 Goal: 244 / Actual: 234.8 / -47.2 Over All / -25.2 for the Challenge. Fun Week but a tough one on the diet. 2 Days in the Bahamas… Stone Crab Claws & Mustard Sauce & Conch Salad! And 2 days out of town with family. Worked hard this weekend to get back under last week’s weight and actually lost a few pounds. Managed to get in 4 workouts & 1 PT session. 230 in my sights!

    2/24 Goal: 242 / Actual: 237.8 / -44.2 Over All / -22.2 for the Challenge. I think my body finally caught up with what is going on and put the brakes on the weight loss. Gave back a few pounds this week. That’s okay, hopefully it is muscle and I am still under my Weekly Goal. Eating Healthy and Working Out but I Need to fine tune my calorie intake and get back to logging in food daily.

    3/02 Goal: 240 / Actual: 237.6 / -44.4 Over All / -22.4 for the Challenge. Hope everyone had a great week! I’ve been eating healthy and exercising but still stuck at 237-238. Going to have to really watch my daily calorie intake and cut back on portions some. Still under weekly goal weight so that is a positive.

    3/09 Goal: 238 / Actual: 236.8 / -45.2 Over All / -23.2 for the Challenge. Hello All. Hope you had a good week. It has been a battle for me. My body is not making it easy for me. Finally got my neck feeling better and now I’m having issues with my middle and lower back. Workouts haven’t had the intensity I would like. Still managed to lose a pound and stayed under weekly goal weight.

    3/16 Goal: 236 / Actual: 235.2 / -46.8 Over All / -24.8 for the Challenge / -1.6 this week. Had a good start to the week but was out of town Thursday, Friday and Saturday and ate out a lot and missed a few workouts. Got back on track Saturday night and Sunday to get back under my weekly goal.

    3/23 Goal: 234 / Actual: 237.4 / -44.6 Over All / -22.6 for the Challenge / +2.2 this week. Good news / Bad News… Good news: I was able to play 2 rounds of golf and my neck and back are doing well. Bad news: (other than the world shutting down for Corona Virus) I was out of town for a couple days and ate out and take out and I gained a couple pounds back and I am above my weekly goal weight for the first time since I started November 1st. Doesn’t help that my gyms (even the community gym at my complex) are closed. Really need to bear down and stick to healthy eating and get my exercise in this week and get back on track with weekly weight goal! No Excuses!

    3/30 Goal: 232 / Actual: 234.4 / -47.6 Over All / -25.6 for the Challenge / -3.0 this week. Hope everyone is staying safe and virus free. Even more reason to eat healthy and get your vitamins and minerals in and keep your immune system strong. Tried to keep from splurging this week and was able to get 3 pounds back. Need to get some good cardio in this week and get back to my weekly goal weight.

    4/06 Goal: 230 / Actual: 233.3 / -48.7 Over All / -26.7 for the Challenge / -1.1 this week. Hello everyone. I hope you and your family and friends are staying safe. Hang in there! Things will get better! It has definitely been a challenge to stay active since everything is shut down. I was able to get in a 7-mile run and a 22-mile bike ride to get in some cardio. Doing some stretching and core exercises and practicing the golf swing at home.

    4/13 Goal: 228 / Actual: 232.5 / -49.5 Over All / -27.5 for the Challenge / -.8 this week. Slacked off this week. Gotta be more consistent with my exercises. Got in some bike rides and some golf swing practice. Eating pretty healthy but need to cut back on my portions.

    4/20 Goal: 226 / Actual: 233.6 / -48.4 Over All / -26.4 for the Challenge / +1.1 this week. Started the week off good but out of town for a few days got me off my routine. Was good to get away on the boat for a couple days… 11 tuna, 4 dolphin, 3 kingfish!

    4/27 Goal: 224 / Actual:
  • timlangan42
    timlangan42 Posts: 55 Member
    Wow, 16 weeks already! I actually had a dream I was lifting weights last night. In a house with two teenagers during this stay at home order, I feel like I washed up on a desserted island (misspelling intended); baking cookies and cakes, making more time-consuming meals. Being ahead of the curve, I've switched to a maintenance level while I refocus on new goals now that trips and family visits have been cancelled. Weather has been largely conducive to long (40-mile) bike rides, but my bike was not really designed for that sort of thing, so it's been a constant battle to keep it rolling.

    Starting weight: 233 lbs
    Goal weight: 170 lbs
    Current weight: 204.5 lbs
    Total weight lost: 28.5 lbs, -1 pound this week

    This week's successes: Bubble gum and bailing wire are keeping my bike on the road for daily rides alternating between short (10-15 mile) and long (35-40 mile) rides.
    This week's challenges: No motivation to do body weight strength training. Ambivalence to switch back into fat loss targets since I'm at a weight where all my old clothes fit better than ever.
  • stormywxs288
    stormywxs288 Posts: 575 Member
    I’m new to this challenge group. I am in need of accountability!!
    I live in central New York (near the Adirondacks). This quarantine/pause has found me best friends with my refrigerator! It’s time to break that relationship!

    Welcome misparalegal. Glad to hear you broke up with your Fridge. It is time to make new friends who will not enable bad habits. I think you may have stumbled upon a group of people, here on this thread, who can help with positive support and good models to follow. Hang tough. We’ll get through this pandemic together!

  • mariatn2003
    mariatn2003 Posts: 238 Member
    edited April 2020
    Starting weight: 188
    Goal weight: 135
    Current weight: 185
    Total weight lost: 3
    This week's successes: I have been eating healthier. Started drinking more water and also just started being more active.
    This week's challenges: Continue to stay active and eating healthy.
  • MelodiousMermaid
    MelodiousMermaid Posts: 277 Member
    Current Weight:

    Weekly change:

    Cumulative change (Month/Quarter/Year):

    This week's successes:
    • Accurate logging.
    • Getting some walks in.
    • Maintaining meeting my step goal.

    This week's challenges:
    • Struggling to return to maintenance, let alone deficit.
    • Zero motivation.
    • Overwhelmed with so much to do in so many tasks and next to no help.
    • Skipped check-ins on both accountability threads because I couldn't find it in me to do it. Need to force myself to do it going forward.

    I'll be honest, I haven't really even had the inkling of motivation to do much of anything. Even distraction/procrastination tasks that have been mildly enjoyable/passable in the past bring no satisfaction now and seem to be more of a chore than anything. I'm guessing I'm in a downslump with my mental illness. Trying to "tick the boxes" but really struggling.

    On the upside, I've been generally maintaining for the month, with perhaps a small gain, but probably not because of monthly water weight. Truly, it's astounding considering what I've been taking in. My body must be sneaking extra NEAT in that I'm not noticing. My mind is in a state of disbelief, as it's considerably higher than any of the means I've used for calculating estimated TDEE or MFP's method.

    High Weight/Stats:
    252.0 pounds, 5'1" F

    Challenge Starting Weight:

    21.5% body fat
    (currently estimated around 140)


    Last post (April 8):
    So it's been longer than I thought it'd be. The family emergency situation that had me out of state went on a roller coaster ride that eventually ended in my family member passing away. Even though I was not super-close to this particular family member, it was still very hard with supporting them and other family, along with all the travel and inconveniences of all the COVID-19 stuff.

    As things landed this morning, I am almost back to where I began. I don't think I'll have much downward adjustment, other than a bit of digestion weight as I attempt to get into a deficit again. It's frustrating, but there's not much to be done but deal with it.

    Current Weight:
    192.5 as of 4/8/2020

    Weekly change:

    Cumulative change (Month/Quarter/Year):

    This week's successes:
    • Getting back to accurate logging.
    • Returning to an exercise routine.
    • Strength training 1x
    • Maintaining meeting my step goal (current streak 92 days).

    This week's challenges:
    • Struggling to return to maintenance, let alone deficit (ginormous hunger cravings).
    • Running on empty mentally/emotionally.
    • Returning to an enormous backload of household needs/work, which is all but impossible for my mind to process right now.

    Q2 History:
    2020/04/08: 192.5
    2020/04/15: 191.8
    2020/04/22: 194.5

    Q1 History:
    2020/01/01: 197.1
    2020/01/08: 192.5
    2020/01/15: 190.7
    2020/01/22: 187.2
    2020/01/29: 185.0
    2020/02/05: 184.1
    2020/02/12: 182.5
    2020/02/19: ???
    2020/02/26: ???
    2020/02/29 (end of month): 184.7
    2020/03/04: 181.2 (estimated using different scale)
    2020/03/11: 183.4
    2020/03/17: 189.4
    Original post:
    I'm not sure I have 52 pounds of fat that I want/need to lose at this point, but I'm close enough that I'm going to call myself "in."

    Starting weight: 197.1 pounds
    (HSW: 252, MFP restart: 242.7)
    5'1" F

    Goal: 21.5% body fat
    (currently estimated at 140-145)

    Current weight: 197.1
    Total challenge weight lost: 0.0

    This week's successes: Getting back into deficit after a maintenance break.
    This week's challenges: Extremely low motivation (for life-ing in general -- not out of the norm, as I battle physical and mental health issues on an ongoing basis).

    A heads up: I will likely go faster than 1 pound/week for the first 4-ish months, then looking to tighten up and go into a slow loss followed by a recomp phase. I'll likely make 52 pounds of weight loss on the scale with some skin loss (hopefully), along with lean mass having to do with the support of the fat stores I have. I am aiming to maintain/increase muscle mass and bone density, so that may throw off the scale results. I do hope to reach my goal body fat percentage by the year's end, whatever scale weight that puts me at.