Comment here if you want more friends!!



  • fatmanthinuk
    fatmanthinuk Posts: 44 Member
    Feel free to add me. UK based lots of weight to lose after gaining again after successful 4 stone loss some years ago with MFP.

    Open diary (to friends) and happy to chat / share success and failure to get this chuffin weight off for good!
  • kalinast1992
    kalinast1992 Posts: 1 Member
    Hi, Im looking for new friends :)
  • Laszlo_Panaflex
    Laszlo_Panaflex Posts: 17 Member
    Feel free to add. Looking for friends for and to motivate.
  • lisajamesmac
    lisajamesmac Posts: 30 Member
    Me xx
    BEASTFIELD314 Posts: 660 Member
    Go on - press that friend request button - you know you want to...
  • Blah_Blah42
    Blah_Blah42 Posts: 12 Member
    Could use some new friends. Back again after a couple years and too many pounds. Committed to doing it this time, any type of active friend is welcome!
  • lorigoesvegan
    lorigoesvegan Posts: 28 Member
    Would love to add to my support circle, feel free to add me! 😊
  • Maclove89
    Maclove89 Posts: 5 Member
    Starting out a new regimen so stoked!!! Add if you’d like :)
  • lycheepoptarts
    lycheepoptarts Posts: 23 Member
    Would love to have a few friends to keep me on my toes! Me: Late 50's, single, on my way to losing about 40 lbs. Cheers!
  • Anna_Tuya
    Anna_Tuya Posts: 22 Member
    Anybody can add me! I can always use more motivation and a cheering squad 😁 I've lost 14lbs so far and have 98lbs left to lose before I hit my goal!
  • Runner1978x
    Runner1978x Posts: 24 Member
    More friends please x
  • hokulani1982
    hokulani1982 Posts: 13 Member
    Add me. I have 15 lbs to goal weight and would love some new friends!!
  • RulerOfCali1979
    RulerOfCali1979 Posts: 80 Member
    Feel free to add me. Always motivational and love the fit life.
  • RosieRosie1975
    RosieRosie1975 Posts: 82 Member
    I would really like to add a few of you as friends but I have no idea how....someone help!,

    Meanwhile if anyone wants to add me I would be grateful πŸ€ͺ
  • Becrose09
    Becrose09 Posts: 39 Member
    Me too 😊
  • maryhope1987
    maryhope1987 Posts: 18 Member
    Please add me! I have been falling off the wagon lately, could use some motivation.
  • Savvywolf92
    Savvywolf92 Posts: 23 Member
  • Vasquezz_23
    Vasquezz_23 Posts: 8 Member
    Let’s get it !πŸ’ͺ🏼
  • Togetherstronger
    Togetherstronger Posts: 45 Member
    always looking to support new friends and have a bit of banter along the way
  • Heppers16
    Heppers16 Posts: 18 Member
    Feel free to add me for more support both ways! :)