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What's Your Most Recent NSV



  • NewLIFEstyle4ME
    NewLIFEstyle4ME Posts: 4,447 Member
    This month has affected me in so many terrible ways (it's a sad story that doesn't need to spread), so I've indulged in some retail therapy. What I've come to realize is that... I use to buy smalls on a 'risk'. They "generally might" fit, and a medium would definitely fit. So I'd risk the smalls not fitting and I'd generally be okay, but I could take stuff back easy peasy (in the Before).

    Now, I find that... smalls are no longer a risk. Unless the risk is that they might be too big. In the not-so-easy-to-return After, I realize that... I'm now more of an XS/S than ever before, despite no real weight loss. (Now, lack of sleep, depression, anxiety; they are all affecting my water weight, honestly, since I know that if I do not get adequate sleep, I retain water. Plus it's been hot here lately, and since I puff up when I get hot and don't sweat... well I feel it in my hands).

    Anyway, this is long and rambling to say that despite the pandemic and the stay-at-home and despite the RL tragedy affecting me, I have transitioned to being in XS a good 40% of the time (I think; it's a guess) and S 100% of the time.

    I've also transitioned into eating at my goal weight maintenance calories, though I'm not there yet, but if I eat like I want to be, eventually, I will be. And it's easier for me to manage than trying to "lose weight" when other things crowd everything else out.

    My dragon bested me this month, and probably this year, but I'll get up again. Repair my armor, and fight again another day.

    I LOVE you and thank you so much for posting. It's VERY inspirational to know that although you and millions upon millions of people all over the world are so struggling with this "life (as we knew it) altering traumatic terrorizing mess". Please know you are so not alone and your attitude and courage is so encouraging. Thank you again so much for posting and YAY YOU for ALL of your victories and cheering you on with your daily dragon battles. This/these monsters "may" win a few battles, but you are winning the over-all war with your rolling with the punches and stiff upper lip...YOU ROCK, period.

  • dhiammarath
    dhiammarath Posts: 832 Member
    @NewLIFEstyle4ME Thank you so much. <3 I needed that today!
  • NewLIFEstyle4ME
    NewLIFEstyle4ME Posts: 4,447 Member
    @NewLIFEstyle4ME Thank you so much. <3 I needed that today!

    My absolute pleasure and honor and here's one more hug, just because <3 {{{{ o:) HUGS o:) }}}}} <3