Where does your mind wonder to while running?



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    All kinds of crap runs through my head. I think about past situations & how it could have been different. I think about what I need to do that day.
    I listen to music so most of the time I focus on that & try to clear my head. But I’m ADD so I get sidetracked really easily.

    I have often wondered what “clear my head” means. I hear this from many runners. Is it thinking something through in detail or trying not to think at all?

    For me it’s letting all the bajillion random thoughts in my head just work their way out. Sometimes it’s specific things, but mostly I don’t have an agenda and it’s just all the stuff that swirls in my head all day.

    After a couple of hours things settle down and I think I run out of stuff to overthink about.
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    Most times I try to think of nothing. I try to use it as a time to clear my head.

    I don't listen to anything other than traffic to ensure I don't get hit. My phone and all other entertainment sources remain home. My Garmin tells me what I want to know when I am done.

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    Sometimes nothing, sometimes breathing (making sure I'm still doing it, sometimes keeping or trying to find a rhythm...) world problems and their solutions, what to make for dinner, where to go on vacation, am I supposed to turn here?, should I do the full run or cut it off here?, that song is out of order (or did I completely miss one?), my Granddaughter is awfully cute... In short everything and anything in no particular order or reason.
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    A million different thoughts go through my head - what Marathons I want to run, my daughter who wants to run one with me one day, how I'll look in dresses in my closet that I've never worn before, my parents, food I want to cook, things I want to do, a lengthy exam I must take, how I can better parent my oldest daughter, what I would do if I hit the lottery...I have several interesting thoughts that come and go through my mind while I'm running.

    If I am upset, frustrated, angry and I leave the house for a run usually I come back lighter and happier than I was before leaving. Running is therapeutic for me.
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    i do a lot of running math. if i continue this pace i will finish my run at this time, converting between miles and km and back, what pace i need keep to finish at a specific time, breaking the run into segments (ok 25% done, now 32.8% done). :)
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    i do a lot of running math. if i continue this pace i will finish my run at this time, converting between miles and km and back, what pace i need keep to finish at a specific time, breaking the run into segments (ok 25% done, now 32.8% done). :)

    I think I love you! Well, everyone who adds unnecessary calculations to things <3 Perfect <3<3
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    It's completely random depending on what's going on at work or with the family. Most of the time I just enjoy the scenery (I live a few hundred metre away from a recreation path along a river) and listen to the river & the birds. It's almost like meditating at times.
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    Since discovering running with music, I mostly just listen to the music and enjoy. I will also assess how I feel--does my heel hurt, is it time to stop and stretch or can I go a little longer? I also look around and appreciate the scenery, even though I pretty much run the same greenway trail every time.
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    I liked this thread...

    And running. I don’t think about anything but running... and it’s amazing. Totally relaxes my brain from all the fussing I do with 5 kids and homeschooling and quarantine and keeping the house and then the dog and extra people in the house... the everything that is this wonderful blessed life... but sometimes my brain needs an off switch. And running does that for me🥰
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    I’m just starting out so I’m focused on not tripping over debris on the sidewalk and my breathing and how much further I can go before I have to take a walking break.
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    I can't run but do a lot of cardio. I'm thinking stuff like wow the clock's moving slow or this song is taking forever. If I'm in the zone I'm cool. I eat after working out so I'm deciding what dressing and protein I want on my salad or if I need to take something out of the freezer to defrost. If I'm lagging I'm telling myself I'm stronger than I think and to kick some butt and stop being a wuss!
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    JimDew wrote: »
    Today my mind didn’t wander one bit. My run yesterday was awful. Painful. Cold. Windy. I got home and soaked in the tub. I have a damaged glute muscle from a surgery 7 years ago that rears up occasionally.

    Today I focused on starting slow, and it resulted in a strong finish for a 6 mile run.

    I waited for the pain to return every step. I concentrated on good form. I did a “silly walk” through a sidewalk marked by local kids for that purpose.

    So focus was the thing today.

    6 miles. Good pace. Less pain.

    This was so helpful to me today... knocked out a good four miler and wasn’t so dead that I was MIA all day 👍🏼 thanks!
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    I day dream....the longer I get caught up in it, the longer I go....if I think a out what I’m doing, it doesn’t last as long...I honestly try to stay away from reality when I’m working out....part of the reason I enjoy working out is to get away from reality! :)
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    i started running during the lockdown so my thoughts are generally different variations of “omg i’m dying”. the bus stops i pass are my yardsticks so i occasionally have thoughts like “omg it’s still so far away” as well.
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    i'm always think about my worst day and i'm angry for my past.
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    Everything. I daydream. That's my me-time, to decompress. That's why I love it so much.
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    If a tiger or a zombie was chasing me I’d probably be dead, wouldn’t feel very nice. but that may save the folks ahead of me.
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    How horrible it is to run and how much I detest it. And if I have to run 20 more yards i might die. How boring it is and how it’s take suckiest exercise ever. This is why i have to have a podcast going... it’s the only way i can run.

    There are other cardio exercises you can do. If you hate running sooooo perhaps you'd be better served searching for one and trying that.