Less Alcohol - MAY 2020 - One Day at a Time



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    My body is incredibly smart at adapting and catching on to what I am doing, so I have to really change things up and outsmart it.....

    Yes, mine too!! I am lucky to lose 1lb per month on average, but I get a rewarding "woosh" every once in awhile. I can't cut my calories any further, I work out lots (especially since I have been laid off), but I can definitely drink less, and I know that helps.
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    A couple of days ago I started using the NIAAA alcohol content calculator (NIAAA.com). I input the ABV of what I am drinking, the quantity in ounces or mls, and "Voila!" it spits out an 'alchohol equivalent'. So all drinks, regardless of content, are standardized for comparison. Yesterday I had 4.2 equivalents, today it was 3.2. Knowing what I drank today (it was a little challenging keeping it to 3.2) I may hang-out here for a bit. Still made progress though and it wasn't even too painful.

    @globalhiker you're right. @MissMay is the bomb!

    Is that an app? I’ve been using Drink Aware but I don’t like how it only uses metric system.