I just ate an entire box of cereal



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    No reason to feel stupid, I'm a athlete and have done that or something simular 500+ times in my lifetime.

    As goofy as this sounds, sometimes you're dehydrated and your body doesn't stop craving things until you hydrate. In this case part of it could be the milk/P.P.

    Regardless. I really wouldn't sweat it. I've sat down and ate a 4000 calorie pastry a couple months ago. If your active and training, your body will get the itch to fuel itself what seems unreasonable at times. Just log and move on.

    My suggestion is to add some other food with your cereal. Perhaps some sausage, eggs, or hashbrowns with cheese.

    Your body weight is fairly low depending on what sport so it's not going to be detrimental in most cases. I'm probably more than twice your age and 6'3" 236lbs and would seem skinny if I was still playing TE in football. Keep things in perspective and don't beat yourself up.
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    Best way to stop (at home) is to not have unhealthy food in the house. Having said that, one bad meal will not bust your diet.
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    Your trying to bulk up and worrying about eating a whole box of cereal??? As long as you hit your minimum fat and protein it doesn't matter what you eat even if you went way over your calories it shouldn't be a big deal I did this a lot when I was a runner I'd come home have a snack and end up finshing all of whatever I was eating and never gained a pound. Also if you're hungry on a bulk chances are your not eating enough.
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    Don't stress. I had a hard time adjusting to food in college. I grew up on a DASH diet, and the greasy food my house served made me sick. I pretty much lived on cereal, milk, Power Bars and Maalox (because I was lactose intolerant). I played competitive soccer and spent several hours at the gym. Maybe I would've performed better if I ate a better diet, but I did fine.
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    I loooove cereal. I could eat a whole box in one sitting, too. What helps for me is pouring the bowl and then walking away and eating it somewhere else. If I eat the bowl with the box right next to me, I'm definitely bound to pour more.
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    I just did this on purpose, for breakfast I had a whole box of frosted shreddies for my carb re-feed day. 400g carbs, because prior to that I'm under 200g carbs every day. In hindsight it was a bit too much because it made me so full and tired, probably should have spread it throughout the day, but I wanted it. There's nothing weird about eating a whole box of cereal if you usually restrict carbs, that's just balance, it restores your leptin hormone
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    Old thread but I was super curious to know which cereal would be interesting enough to eat an entire box of.

    Alas, I remain none the wiser 😔
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    MaltedTea wrote: »
    Old thread but I was super curious to know which cereal would be interesting enough to eat an entire box of.

    Alas, I remain none the wiser 😔

    I reckon I could eat a whole box of granola. Or Frosties. Or coco pops. I don’t find it filling at all and quite tasty. Just wish I was bulking but I’m not.
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    What kind of cereal!!
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    MaltedTea wrote: »
    Old thread but I was super curious to know which cereal would be interesting enough to eat an entire box of.

    Alas, I remain none the wiser 😔

    Cinnamon Toast Crunch would do it for me. :)
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    I love cereal! Especially if its froot loops
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    Are you trying to gain weight? Does this happen often? Are you restricting any types of foods, like cereal? Were you stressed or bored?
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    Were you very hungry? Perhaps you are restricting too much at certain times per day? Not fueled before your workouts? You need to tell us more about your training, goals and life style.

    Are you trying to gain weight or not?

    College rower.
    Workout 6 days a week on water . Lifting about 5-7days.

    I AM trying to bulk. I really wanna put on mass, My frames large and I have a lot to fill up.I had my calories at 3,000. But that really doesn’t seem to be enough, because even at 3,000 I still end up hungry some nights. I think I need bring them up.

    I did get in the habit of being pretty restrictive with my diet. So I’m trying to slowly reincorporate cereals, cookies, etc into my diet. I just find those foods super easy to binge on. I wasn’t stressed or bored I was actually pretty hungry. I weighed out the first scoop but it really didn’t fill me up so I jusy kept eating and fell into a trance and ended up jus eating the whole box. Sure I feel pretty bloated but not so uncomfortable like I’m gonna throw up. Usually I’ll just skip breakfast/lunch the next day after a binge like this and I’m back on track

    Should I increase my cals past 3000? If so, by how much? 3200? My goals to gain 3lb or so every month for a while. I’m pretty fit, but I really don’t have that much muscle, so I’m figuring I’m still in my first year of actual lifting with a meal plan and weight goal.

    You probably need to eat more . - You are young, and active - lifting weights and rowing. You said you are trying to bulk up - so increase your cal intake untill the scale goes up. Don't do it all at once - add 500 cals per day, stay at that level for a couple weeks, and see what happens, increase if needed. Be sure to get 175 gms of protien , 75 gms of fat, and the rest carbs, and eat your veggies.
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    no worries unless you do this every day. When I was your age and playing sports, I could eat pretty much whatever I wanted with tons of calories. In fact, I needed to eat at least 4-5K worth of calories or I would lose weight....if you find this to be a problem day after day , then seek some help.
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    Gainz train right there 🚂💪🏽
    Keep cereal for post work out meal.
    Your body will inhale the calories
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    Gainz train right there 🚂💪🏽
    Keep cereal for post work out meal.
    Your body will inhale the calories

    Not sure I understand what you mean. My resistance training sessions burn around 150 to 200 cals if I ate a whole box of cereal I would be far over my carbs and probably have a too high surplus ( depending on what else I’d eaten). No way I would do that on a regular basis.
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    Time carbs around training.
    Body utilises better.
    High carb and sugar after training spikes insulin.
    Insulin is also anti-catabolic (prevents muscle protein breakdown). On top of that, insulin increases the activity of certain enzymes (such as glycogen synthase) which trigger glycogen formation in your muscles, enhancing performance, muscle size, and recovery.
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    Plus the guy is wanting to bulk and put size on.
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    Wrong thing to read while very tired!

    155g and 723 Cal of granola later (which not even 10% of the MegaSized 1.8kg box) I will report that putting it away and eating it 30g at a time and getting up and opening it the box again and weighing another portion, and sitting down to eat it and.... well. It didn't hurt to do all that!

    Curious: if the OP is trying to bulk and, OVERALL, they're not gaining too fast... why is it bad to overeat the cereal?