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Not quite exercise - what 'active lifestyle' activities do you enjoy throughout the day?



  • Manga23Manga23 Member Posts: 44 Member Member Posts: 44 Member
    I spend a lot of my free time training my working dog. When I'm not at my job it takes me 4 hours a day to go out with him.
    Thats my secret why I'm so lean 😂😂
  • AnnPT77AnnPT77 Member, Premium Posts: 20,354 Member Member, Premium Posts: 20,354 Member
    BMcC9 wrote: »
    bump - If you have been working from home for a while now - what did you do to compensate for lost "trips to the photocopier on the far side of the floor" and other step-stretching NEATs-at-the-office strategies?

    This is a super minor one, maybe even sort of a joke, but . . .

    Lots of us are washing our hands for minimum 20 seconds, manyMany times a day, right?

    Maintain isometric contraction in arms throughout, through pressure between hands. Doesn't replace steps at all, but gets a few extra muscle contractions into the day, work from home or otherwise.

    :wink: :lol:
  • BMcC9BMcC9 Member Posts: 3,797 Member Member Posts: 3,797 Member
    Good one!
  • KimiARKimiAR Member Posts: 108 Member Member Posts: 108 Member
    My sister does a 25-25-25 (squats, push ups, sit-ups :: or ab work of choice). The idea is to do that every day-bc it’s probably more than you would do if you only did a planned work out a few times a week. It’s making a difference in my posture And my running. I tidy the house as well-5 kids and a dog and husband home all day, there is almost always something to put away. SoMetimes I’ll just walk up to the nearest stop sign to “get some air”. Occasionally the kids like to go for bike rides. We all walk the dog together as a family several times a week (some bikes and occasional stroller included here)-this is usually an after dinner activity. Vacuuming. Walk around the yard (er garden for the brits 😉). I got my kids a slack line so sometimes I will try that. Push them on the swings to music. Laundry-don’t take everything at once to put it away. Make yourself do it across several trips.
    That’s all I can think of for now 😂🤷🏻‍♀️
  • swimmchick87swimmchick87 Member Posts: 436 Member Member Posts: 436 Member
    I march in place in front of my TV. Not all of the time, but often- to get my fitbit steps. Especially on days where I'm home all day and wouldn't get much movement in otherwise. I'll walk for 10-20 minutes, sit down for a bit, walk again, etc. It's helped me tremendously. I'm so used to it now that I can't really sit through an entire TV show even if I want to- I end up feeling antsy and get up to walk. It also helps me stay in a "healthier mindset" throughout the day. I'm not going to spend a ton of time walking, even in front of the TV, and then sit down and ruin it all by overeating.
  • gothchiqgothchiq Member Posts: 4,593 Member Member Posts: 4,593 Member
    Since it's still mostly lockdown where I live and the gyms are closed/I'm temporarily working from home, I go out on the deck with a weighted hula hoop during lunch break. Play some music/listen to creepypastas for half an hour and do hooping then go in and eat something, get back to work at 1 PM.
  • Coffeelover1264Coffeelover1264 Member, Premium Posts: 14 Member Member, Premium Posts: 14 Member
    I love Geocaching, especially out in nature.
  • HagensiekerHagensieker Member, Premium Posts: 25 Member Member, Premium Posts: 25 Member
    I do a few things. I exercise first thing in the morning. Either run, bike, or elliptical. I have an elliptical in front of the big screen TV and if you find a wicked action movie you'll barely realize you are working out. After that I have a smart watch that nags me to get up. And I walk the dog about 3 times a day around an almost mile loop.
  • ellyseb1ellyseb1 Member Posts: 41 Member Member Posts: 41 Member
    We stopped keeping ice cream in the house. If I want it, I have to walk about 20 min to a great gelato shop (and back). It's a great treat, but I have to "earn" it. And I'm limited to just one scoop!
  • BMcC9BMcC9 Member Posts: 3,797 Member Member Posts: 3,797 Member
  • scarlett_kscarlett_k Member Posts: 676 Member Member Posts: 676 Member
    I'm on my feet most of the day from morning to evening (with food/tea breaks to sit for a bit). Besides two dogs walks in the morning I'm on my feet/moving doing gardening, house work, cooking/baking, doing diy jobs around the house, playing tug with 75kg of dog. All that movement and just generally being on my feet doing whatever does add up.
  • BMcC9BMcC9 Member Posts: 3,797 Member Member Posts: 3,797 Member
    bump - now that we are into the fall
  • ChieflrgChieflrg Member Posts: 8,859 Member Member Posts: 8,859 Member
    Walking, biking, etc...just do something.
  • stargirlshrinksstargirlshrinks Member Posts: 7 Member Member Posts: 7 Member
    Roller skating, hiking while listening to audiobooks or podcasts, swimming and expanding my lung capacity....dancing and learning different styles.

    Thank you for all the ideas in this post. I might use some of them.
  • BMcC9BMcC9 Member Posts: 3,797 Member Member Posts: 3,797 Member
    bump - lots of good "ninja sneak-attack" ideas for burning small packets of calories almost while you aren't looking. Ah, the magic of metabolic "compound interest" ....
  • BMcC9BMcC9 Member Posts: 3,797 Member Member Posts: 3,797 Member
  • BMcC9BMcC9 Member Posts: 3,797 Member Member Posts: 3,797 Member
    bump - I always find this thread very worth regular reviewing -- and for some parts of the world, warmer weather will be arriving very soon ....
  • DancingMoosieDancingMoosie Member Posts: 7,262 Member Member Posts: 7,262 Member
    Walking my dogs, washing the car, walking the grocery store...just taking a walk in the sunshine and swimming in the summer is so nice.
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